Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Year and Details Revealed

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Dr. Stone season 2 ended with Senku and the village crew winning the war between wits and muscles, which ended the Stone Wars arc, which was at the same time season two title. Dr. Stone manga fans already know what to expect from season 3, as the new and confirmed season will be following the Age of Exploration arc.

Senku and the villagers are moving on with their sped-up evolution from Stone Ages to the modern world where humans can’t survive without technology. With Senku being the only hope for humanity not to lose the collective knowledge of human civilization, the genius young man is set to complete another mission with his team.


Dr. Stone: What Do We Know About Season 3 So Far

The release date frame for the upcoming season three has been confirmed. Dr. Stone season 3 should air in 2023, and not in 2022 as the anime fandom hoped. The exact date is yet to be confirmed, but given the fact that 2022 is yet to come and pass, we may not find out soon.

However, Dr. Stone fans can look forward to a Dr. Stone TV Special that should be aired in the summer of 2022. The upcoming special episode will pose as a bridge content between the second and the third season, creating an interesting introduction for the Age of Exploration.

The special episode is titled Dr. Stone: Ryuusui and will introduce Dr. Stone fans to a new character, Ryuusui Nanami.