Dr. Stone Special Episode Scheduled to Air in 2022

Dr. Stone season 3 might not be that close given the fact that the Jump Festa 2022 Super stage organized a special panel for Dr. Stone anime. It was at Jump Festa that was revealed that the third season of Dr. Stone is not going to happen before 2023, which means that the anime fans would have to wait for at least one year until the next season.

The previous season ended with completing the Stone Wars arc, and Senku and the villagers are now ready for their next mission towards the evolution of human civilization. The Super stage panel on Jump Festa set up for Dr. Stone anime also reveled a special episode coming before the next season.

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The episode should represent the introduction to the next Dr. Stone arc, which is the Age of Exploration. The Dr. Stone special will air in the summer of 2022 and will be titled Dr. Stone: Ryusui Nanami. Ryusui Nanami is already familiar to manga fans as he appears in the Age of Exploration arc which has already been penned in the manga series.

What Do We Know About Ryusui Nanami? Spoiler Alert!

If you didn’t read the manga and you are still interested in hearing more about the new character that will be introduced in the Dr. Stone TV special, read on. If you do enjoy some spoilers, you should know that Ryusui Nanami has the same goal as Senku which is to establish a civilized world and save the humanity.

Ryusui was revived by Senku in the manga series because of his expertise in sailing. As sailing is the centerpiece of the Age of Exploration arc, introducing Ryusui into the story makes sense for the plot.

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