Dr.STONE: Who Is Oarashi, How Powerful Is He, and What Happens to Him?

Dr.STONE: Who is Oarashi, How Powerful Is He, and What Happens to Him?

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Dr.STONE has never achieved the fame that some other shonen titles have over the years, but this fantasy work has nevertheless become a modern classic and has a very solid fandom. Dr.STONE is a truly beautiful tale filled with various fantastic elements and moments, so, understandably, fans love it. Of course, another forte of the series is its characters, and this article will be dedicated to one character from the series who appeared as a secondary villain in the Treasure Island Arc. The character in question is Oarashi, and in this article, you will find out who he is and how strong he is.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Oarashi was a secondary villain from Dr.STONE who was a loyal member of the Petrification Kingdom. He was a brute and was completely loyal to Ibara, whom he served until his defeat.
  • Oarashi was physically strong, but he was also quite dull, which is also why he was unable to surpass Moz and become the strongest warrior on Treasure Island. He was also not as strong as Taiju.
  • Ibara used him to petrify the whole island, but the Science Kingdom members were ultimately able to stop the device inside Oarashi’s body, saving the villain, who then became reformed.

Oarashi was a secondary villain loyal to Ibara

Oarashi’s name, although written in Katakana, actually means “Raging Storm” as a word, which is usually written as オオアラシ in Kanji. He was introduced during the Treasure Island Arc, as one of the henchmen of the evil Ibara, who ruled over the Petrification Kingdom, which was located on that same island. Oarashi was a big, muscular man with an Anubis mask on top of his head, who was also extremely loyal to Ibara and the Kingdom he was serving.

He had a very vile personality and thought of himself as being a miraculous persona, often flexing by smashing statues of those who were punished by Ibara. He often competed with Moz, but when he became the “hooded warrior,” he lost with ease. He was also a nasty enemy at first, although – as we are going to see – he became reformed in the end. Be that as it may, despite being a secondary character, Oarashi was an interesting addition to the lore that we definitely needed to talk about in an individual article.


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What happened to Oarashi?

So, what happened to Oarashi in the end? We know that Ibara’s story ended, but what about Oarashi? Well, although he was loyal to Ibara, his story did not end like his, as he wasn’t really evil in the core; like Ibara, he was just stupid and gullible.

Namely, as the fights on Treasure Island intensified, Ibara informed Oarashi of his plan: he had him swallow the Petrification Weapon and then activate it, lying to him that he would be safe from the petrification in the center of the island. Ibara’s plan was to win by petrifying everyone. And while Oarashi obeyed, he ended up being petrified himself, as Ibara had just been using him.

When the heroes realized that the petrification weapon was inside Oarashi, they broke open his statue and took it out of him, deactivating it. This is how Ibara’s plan was foiled. The heroes later rebuilt Oarashi’s statue and depetrified him, and as soon as he saw Soyuz as the new leader of Treasure Island, he became loyal to him.

It is assumed that he was petrified later when Why-man petrified everyone again, but he was probably depetrified by Senku later, so we can assume that he is currently alive and well in the Dr.STONE canon, which concludes this part of the article.

How strong was Oarashi?

As far as his strength is concerned, we have to confirm here that Oarashi was incredibly strong. He wasn’t the strongest character in the series, but he was one of the strongest ones for sure, and he was the second-strongest warrior on Treasure Island. When you look at him, you will notice that he was incredibly strong, and his appearance reflected his strength properly, as this stat was officially graded as 5/5. He was able to throw Magma and Kinro at the same time without much effort and was very close to Moz in terms of strength. On the other hand, he couldn’t do much against Taiju, which is an interesting fact from a comparative perspective.


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While he was primarily a fistfighter, he was also seen using a weapon, a macuahuitl, and from what we could see, he was quite skilled with it, and the weapon itself was quite strong, which made Oarashi even more dangerous. He still preferred fists, though.

Although you might assume that such a large guy was not fast, Oarashi was actually quite swift for his size, and he had the ability to use bursts of speed while fighting, which allowed him to swim and run to the center of Treasure Island in less than 15 minutes, and that was quite an impressive feat, we have to admit. His speed stat has been graded as being 4/5.

However, a character has to have a weakness, and Oarashi’s weakness was his mind. He wasn’t a complete idiot, but he was an idiot. His intelligence was graded as being only 2/5, which is why he could never surpass Moz, who was intelligent and could outwit Oarashi with ease. Oarashi was a brute; he was brawn over brains any time of the day, and this intellectual handicap was something that made him a relatively easy opponent to defeat if you had the necessary skills to do it. That is why Oarashi was a threat only initially, as he never could be a truly imposing villain.

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