Dr.STONE: Who Is Yo & How Strong Is He?

Dr.STONE: Who Is Yo & How Strong Is He?

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Dr.STONE has never achieved the fame that some other shonen titles have over the years, but this fantasy work has nevertheless become a modern classic and has a very solid fandom. Dr.STONE is a truly beautiful tale filled with various fantastic elements and moments, so, understandably, fans love it. Of course, another forte of the series is its characters, and this article will be dedicated to one character from the series who has been here for a while but whose skills proved extremely useful and important in the current arc. The character in question is Yo Uei, and in this article, you will find out who he is and how strong he is.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Yo is a former police officer who was revived by Tsukasa and one of the Tsukasa Empire members who quickly joined Senku’s Kingdom of Science.
  • As a police officer, he can use tonfa and is an expert marksman, thus obtaining a gun from Senku. The most noticeable feature of him is a huge piece of stone covering his right eye
  • Although he was originally a member of the Tsukasa Empire, he was never really a villain and as soon as he got the chance, he became an ally of Senku’s, proving that he never had any villainous plans.

Yo Uei is a former ally of Tsukasa’s who became an ally of Senku’s

As far as Yo Uei is concerned, he is a very interesting character in the series, and we definitely think that this quirky and sometimes too violent guy deserves an article of his own. His appearance reflects his sometimes wild behavior, and he is known for being the official marksman of Senku’s Science Kingdom. Before the petrification incident, he was a police officer who was known for his violent behavior, and while he did retain that aspect of his personality, it is under control now.

Now, Yo initially became a member of the Tsukasa Empire, which makes sense, seeing how Tsukasa valued strength, and Yo was skilled and strong (not as Tsukasa, but he is a useful member of any team). Whether this makes him a villain… you can read about that below. So, while he was a member of Tsukasa’s group, he was in charge of guarding the captured Chrome, but when the latter escaped, Yo did not want to be blamed, so he… well, he disappeared (we’re going to reveal what happened in the last section f this article).

When he came back after the Stone Wars, Yo decided to join Senku’s Science Kingdom and become the group’s official sniper. He has been a loyal member and ally of Senku and his friends, which made him a very important member of the cast of Dr.STONE.


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Yo is an excellent marksman, which was useful on more than one occasion

As a former policeman, Yo is, naturally, a skilled fighter. He is physically fit and strong, and thanks to his experience in the force, he is also an excellent marksman, which is how he is most often used in the series. He has undergone police training, meaning that he has quick reflexes, good endurance, and knows how to fight, as he knows the basics of police combat. On top of that, he is in great shape and is known as one of the faster characters in the series, demonstrating more than once that he can run very fast.

On top of that, he is a skilled martial artist who combines his knowledge of these arts with the Tonfa, his second favorite weapon. With it, he was able to take down very large and muscular opponents, showing that he is exceptionally skilled in its use, which gives him a big advantage. On top of that, he also often uses his gun, his favorite weapon and is in line with his greatest ability, which is his marksmanship skills. He is one of those characters who often rely on using weapons in battle rather than just brute strength.

Of course, his biggest forte is his marksmanship skills. Yo is the most skilled marksman in the series, and he can do anything with a firearm. He is incredibly precise, and his technique has often been described as top-notch, making him very dangerous, especially in a long-distance fight. On top of that, he loves violence, which can cause a problem, but it is under control now, making Yo an addition rather than a burden to Senku’s Science Kingdom.

And with this, the main story related to Yo is done. Before we wrap this up, though, we will tell you just one little thing about his role in the story.


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Is Yo a villain?

Like all of Tsukasa’s former allies and Tsukasa himself, Yo was actually a villain in the series. He wasn’t a villain per se; he wasn’t evil, but he was not on the same side as Senku, and that automatically makes him a villain, even though he wasn’t nearly as criminal as, for example, Ibara or Whyman. This is why it is important to properly disclose his role in the story and why we have written this whole article in the first place.

As we’ve said before, Yo was initially a member of Tsukasa’s group that fought Senku’s Science Kingdom, which automatically qualifies him for a villain position. But, after Chrome escapes, Yo fakes his death to avoid being blamed for the latter’s escape. A slick move. After the Stone Wars ended, he joined Senku’s group and thus proved that he was not a villain in the series.

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