‘Dragon Ball: Daima’ Teaser Trailer Reveals Young Goku’s Return to Series Origins

Young Goku - 'Dragon Ball Daima'

Growing up, many of us were captivated by the adventures of Goku and his friends in the world of Dragon Ball. From the fierce battles to the heartwarming friendships, it shaped our childhoods in many ways. Now, with the announcement of ‘Dragon Ball: Daima’ at New York Comic-Con, it feels like a sweet reunion with an old friend.

The teaser trailer released by Toei Animation was a rush of nostalgia. Seeing Goku and his companions de-aged, taking us back to those earlier days of the series, was truly a treat. The snippet showed Goku and Vegeta sparring, reminding me of those afternoons when I’d rush home from school just to catch the latest episode. It wasn’t just Goku; the entire cast appeared younger, which means we’ll get to revisit the dynamics and relationships of our favorite characters in a fresh yet familiar setting.

While the exact placement of ‘Dragon Ball: Daima’ within the Dragon Ball Z timeline remains a mystery, the emphasis on a return to the series’ roots is clear. And honestly, it’s about time. As a fan, it’s been a while since we’ve seen something new from the Dragon Ball world. This series seems to be just what many of us needed.

Many fans might instinctively think of ‘Dragon Ball GT’ when they see a youthful Goku. After all, GT presented us with a similar age-reversal concept. Yet, what makes ‘Dragon Ball: Daima’ unique is that it’s not just Goku who’s returned to his younger self – the entire crew has. Seeing how the whole cast adapts and interacts in this refreshed setting will be intriguing.


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With all this excitement around Daima, some fans, including myself, are left wondering about ‘Dragon Ball Super’. With its anime conclusion back in 2018, we’ve longed for its return. But after watching the ‘Daima’ teaser, it struck me that this new series isn’t an end to ‘Super.’ Instead, it’s a tribute, celebrating Dragon Ball’s 40th anniversary. It’s Toei Animation’s way of saying, “Let’s honor where we started.”

As for ‘Dragon Ball Super,’ if rumors are to be believed, 2025 might be the year we see its comeback. But for now, let’s embrace ‘Dragon Ball: Daima.’ The franchise is treating us to a trip down memory lane, and I am all in for the ride.

With its compelling trailer and the promise of a young Goku leading the way, this anime is setting itself up as a true celebration of Dragon Ball’s legacy. As someone who’s grown up with these characters, I can’t wait to see where this new journey takes us.

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