‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga Announces Hiatus with No Return Date in Sight

'Dragon Ball Super' Manga Announces Hiatus with No Return Date in Sight

Before his sudden passing in March 2024, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama had been working on numerous ongoing and upcoming projects, including the upcoming Dragon Ball DAIMA anime, as well as the ongoing Dragon Ball Super manga, illustrated by Toyotarō. The manga has been ongoing since 2015 and while it had some breaks over the years, the most recent one being in 2022, it has been confirmed by Shueisha that the manga series will be going on an indefinite hiatus.

This decision makes sense, seeing how Toriyama-sensei’s death impacted the anime and manga world. And while this manga was partially Toyotarō’s, Toriyama was nevertheless the heart and soul of the series and he provided the story ideas and basic plotlines that Toyotarō drew. The last time the series had been on a hiatus was in August 2022, but it returned in December of that same year; the hiatus was in order to “prepare for the next arc”. In March 2023, the manga started its “Super Hero” arc, the adaptation of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film.

And while we’re quite certain that Toyotarō is capable of finishing this arc at least, but also that Toriyama left him with numerous plot ideas and storylines that he wanted to explore, the decision to put the manga on hold is only natural and is a sign of respect towards the late visionary mangaka.

It actually remains to be seen what is going to happen with the Dragon Ball franchise now that Toriyama passed away. The series is most certainly a major brand, and we doubt that this will be the end of it, but it remains to be seen in what direction the series will go and who will continue it. Relatively recently, the Berserk series also faced a similar problem after Kentaro Miura’s passing, but the series has been continued by his assistant and is currently ongoing as well.

Dragon Ball Super will certainly return at a later date and keep following for all the latest updates related to the franchise as a whole.

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