Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals Orange Piccolo: Who Is He?

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals Orange Piccolo: Who Is He?

With Japanese finally being able to see Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a lot of leaks have started appearing on the Internet, which allowed fans to get a glimpse of what they can expect from the 21st Dragon Ball movie. Some leaks were complete surprises that haven’t even been revealed via various press releases and one of them involves Piccolo’s unofficially titled Orange Piccolo form. In this article, we are going to reveal everything we know about Orange Piccolo.

Orange Piccolo is Piccolo’s mightiest transformation and an evolution of his Potential Unleashed form. At this moment, not much is known about Orange Piccolo save for the fact that it is Piccolo’s mightiest form and that it was achieved thanks to a wish fulfilled by none other than Shenron. In this form, Piccolo helped defeat Cell Max.

The rest of this article is going to reveal all the known details about Orange Piccolo. Be wary that this article is going to contain some spoilers, but on a general level, we know very little of Orange Piccolo at this time so this article is not going to reveal much ahead of the wider release of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

Who is Orange Piccolo?

At this moment, we know very little about Orange Piccolo; we actually only know those things that we could deduce from the movie leaks. Orange Piccolo is the most powerful transformation of Piccolo and an evolution of his Potential Unleashed form. In this form, Piccolo becomes taller and bulkier, his eyes become red, his skin becomes orange and he keeps the lack of lines on his arms from his Potential Unleashed state.


Orange Piccolo is a direct evolution from Piccolo’s Potential Unleashed state and is Piccolo’s most powerful transformation to date. In the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, Piccolo managed to reach both his Potential Unleashed form and this higher level form thanks to a wish from Shenron to unlock his full potential.

He uses it to easily defeat Gamma 2 and then goes on to battle Cell Max, being the only one able to put up a fight against the powerful creature. Finally, he restrains Cell Max to make it easier for Gohan to pierce his weak point and defeat the monstrosity.

What is Potential Unleashed?

In order to fully understand Piccolo’s Orange form, we have to explain what the Potential Unleashed actually is. The Potential Unleashed is a state an individual can enter after performing the Old Kai’s Unlock Ability. This is an ability used by Gohan. In this form, he is also known as Ultimate Gohan. This form of Gohan differs from the Super Saiyan forms since the iris of his eyes and his hair remain the same color.

The most notable changes in Gohan are the large black lock on his forehead and his marked eyes, as well as an accentuated musculature. The aura is unchanged and is similar to the one it emits in its base form. This appearance would not be permanent, but Gohan could activate it whenever he wanted.

The fundamental point of this state in the case of Gohan is the release of all the forces that a Saiyan can provide to the Super Saiyan transformation, and therefore, practically Gohan no longer needs to become said transformation to reach a certain level of fortress. However, despite being a natural state, it still requires frequent physical and mental training to maintain maximum performance, since otherwise the lack of such will cause the person to lose the ability to access this state.

After reaching this state, Gosen Zosama instructs Son Gohan that, in order to transform and use said form, use the same mechanism by which he transforms into a Super Saiyan (feeling a tingling sensation in the back after concentrating his energy in that part body) and throw a Kiai in the process.

In this state the user’s power increases to exponential and unimaginable levels. All the latent potential that the warrior could not use without resorting to anger is unlocked and in the case of Son Gohan, this gives him amazing powers that surpass the level of Super Saiyan 2 (his maximum transformation until then), even with a strength superior to Goku’s Super Saiyan 3.


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After finishing Gosen Zosama’s potential unlocking ritual on the Sacred Planet, the Kaioshin tells Gohan to test his power by trying to transform into a Super Saiyan. Thus, after an expulsion of ki, Gohan obtains the Potential Unleashed. Thus, Gohan is teleported to Earth by Kibito and goes to fight for a rematch against Super-Boo.

After a fierce battle with Super-Boo, and about to defeat him, the latter absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo, greatly increasing his power and completely surpassing Gohan’s power. Gohan despite having acquired the final form, loses the power to use it for leaving the training. However, when training with Piccolo in anticipation for the Tournament of Power, Gohan, being able to surpass him as a Super Saiyan, forces himself to fully awaken Piccolo’s Potential Unleashed.

By doing so, Gohan has been able to quickly gain the upper hand on his teacher, though he lets his guard down and is defeated by the latter. After having trained, he fights against his father, where he apparently manages to face him in Super Saiyan Blue (just as Krillin does with No. 18 and also No. 17 in their corresponding fights) after which he insistently asks Goku to show all his power, it is then that he uses the Kaio-ken, where Gohan clearly ends up being defeated.

Although thanks to it, he recovered his combative spirit and the desire to improve himself. Son Gohan in this state has a very different character than usual, he fights against his enemies without showing mercy although he becomes very confident, something that is noticeable in the battle against Super-Boo.

This is very similar to when he had transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 in the Cell Game, when he underestimated Cell and almost lost the battle. Although he transforms into a Super Saiyan in this state, his power does not increase which results in unnecessary energy drain.

In Dragon Ball Super until before the Tournament of Power and in Dragon Ball GT, it can be seen that Gohan’s power has declined and he chooses to transform into Super Saiyan, implying that he lost his Ultimate State. The aura that Gohan emits in Dragon Ball Super upon unlocking his power after a long time is seen surrounded by white luminous particles given off by the flash of energy. In their subsequent confrontations this element no longer appears again.

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