‘Dune: Messiah’ Officially Confirmed!

'Dune: Messiah' Officially Confirmed !

Dune: Part Two is currently airing in theaters around the world and is the hit film of the year as of the time of writing, topping the global box office. Fans and critics are very satisfied, and the film promises to be one of the biggest contenders in the upcoming awards season, as Denis Villeneuve produced yet another hit film. Now, we all know that the new Dune film series has been announced as a trilogy, but during the second movie’s release, Villeneuve himself said that a third film had not been confirmed yet and that while it was likely to happen, they would all have to wait.

But, as you might have assumed, the wait is now over. Legendary Pictures has officially confirmed that the production of the third and final Dune film, Dune: Messiah (tentative title, the official one has not been revealed), has been greenlit, which means that Villeneuve can begin work on the movie, for which a script has already been written.

Dune: Messiah is set to continue the story of Paul Atreides and his rise to power, but as it stands now, the Holy War is not going to be depicted on screen, which – as many commentators agree – is not necessarily a bad thing as that part of Herbert’s books seems to be the most complex one, and it would be a challenge to adapt. Whether this will be the case remains to be seen, but this is how things stand now.

The project doesn’t have a release window yet, but it doesn’t seem likely that we will see it before late 2025, based on what we know. The main cast is set to reprise their roles, but there will certainly be some additions, which will be revealed later. This is certainly great news for Dune fans, although expected, so we advise you to keep following us for more information on the movie series and the upcoming installments. Until then, Dune: Part Two is still playing in theaters around the world, and you can stream the first film on Max.

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