Dylan Minnette, Star of ’13 Reasons Why,’ Explains Why He Stopped Acting

Dylan Minnette, Star of '13 Reasons Why,' Explains Why He Stopped Acting

You might not recognize the name immediately, but Dylan Minnette is someone whose face you will definitely remember. Aside from starring in 13 Reasons Why as Clay Jensen, Minnette has appeared in numerous television series in guest roles, such as LostAwakeScandal, Grey’s AnatomySupernaturalPrison Break, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Aside from that, he also appeared in the horror movie Let Me In (2010), the thriller film Prisoners (2013), the family comedy film Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014), the family fantasy film Goosebumps (2015), and the horror films Don’t Breathe (2016), The Open House (2018) and Scream (2022).

But, if you’ve been attentive, you might have noticed that Minnette has not been on the screen for some time now, and it is true – the young actor quit acting in 2022 and has been focusing on his musical career with his rock band Wallows since then.

Minnette recently appeared on the Zach Sang Show, and among the topics discussed during the show was his decision to quit acting. This is how Minnette explained his decision to “retire” at the age of 25:

“I was fortunate to find success in [acting]. I was on 13 Reasons Why and it was really popular and definitely reached a peak in what I’ve had in acting. But it also started to feel like a bit of a job. And I was in a very fortunate position, it was always fun for me, always really inspiring, but then it was just starting to feel like just a job.”

Source: THR

The focus has, as we have said above, shifted to music, and Minnette really does seem to be in a happy place at the moment, as he is quite satisfied with what he is doing with Wallows:

“I feel like I’m in a position now where I can just kind of like do that for a while and get this the farthest it can be. The only way that’s gonna happen is if I put my 100 percent time and energy into it and take it very seriously and show the world that we all take this very seriously. This is a real band, we’re going to do real band things.”

Source: THR

But, if you thought that Minnette was permanently gone from Hollywood, you were wrong, as the actor and musician confirmed that we will probably see him back on the screen in the future:

“I do feel like I have something to give, and that’s probably acting.… I feel like I’m starting to feel inspiration for that again. At some point, when we’ve fulfilled our Wallows duties and we’re all ready to take a break as a band, that’s when I’ll have the perfect inspiration to do something.”

Source: THR

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