Elden Ring Ranni Quest: How To Get Dark Moon Ring & Moonlight Greatsword?

elden ring ranni

Elden Ring is a game that’s full of content because of how massive this is. You’d probably go over a hundred hours just enjoying the different quests that this game offers, and most of those quests are actually quite long. In that regard, one of the best and longest quests you can enjoy is Ranni’s questline, which allows you to enjoy a lot of different rewards. So, in that regard, let’s look at Ranni’s quest so that you can gather rewards like the Dark Moon Ring and the Moonlight Greatsword.

What Is Ranni Quest In Elden Ring?

Those who have played Souls games that were made by FromSoftware will be aware that these games are full of different quests that have stories that you need to uncover by yourself because the game doesn’t make it easy for you to look for the clues. 

In that regard, one of the most interesting types of quests in the entire Elden Ring game includes the character quests that you can complete if you want to get to know more about the characters themselves and their motives. On top of that, these character quests will also allow you to obtain great items that can be very useful in a lot of different situations, depending on your build.


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One of the character stories that will interest you is Ranni’s questline. Ranni is a witch that is actually a demi-god. She and her siblings were raised by Rannala, Queen of the Full Moon, who is the second main story boss that you need to defeat to progress through Elden Ring.

Going back, Ranni only exists in her spiritual form and needs the help of the Tarnished to return to what she was. This is one of the best plotlines in the entire story because you get to understand more about Ranni and her motivations. On top of that, finishing her quest will allow you to obtain great items. The two most valuable items you can get from Ranni’s questline are the Dark Moon Ring and the Moonlight Greatsword. 

While the Dark Moon Ring is the item you need to ultimately complete the quest, the Moonlight Greatsword is a weapon that a lot of different players covet. This is why you might want to try to finish Ranni’s questline so that you can get your hands on some 

Like all of the different quests in Elden Ring, Ranni’s quest requires that you complete a series of different steps that can be quite complicated and difficult. However, you will understand that later on in the game that the rewards of finishing the quest and of understanding more about this character will be more than worth the effort.

Ranni Quest Guide

The first thing that needs to happen for you to activate Ranni’s quest is for you to meet her near the very beginning of the game. You might have tried running to the Church of Elleh in Limgrave to escape the wrath of the Tree Sentinel that you might not be able to defeat at the very beginning. 

Elden Ring Limgrave walkthrough 1

In the Church of Elleh, Ranni the Witch will give you the Spirit Calling Bell, which is essentially what allows you to summon different Ash Spirits to aid you in battle. After this, Ranni will tell you that there’s a chance that you might not meet again. Of course, to some extent, this is true, especially if you totally miss out on her questline, which you won’t be able to encounter normally in the game unless you actually explore more.

So, in that case, you need to actually look for Ranni later in the game for you to be able to accept her quest. And this can happen at any point of the game after you encounter her in the Church of Elleh in Limgrave, but it still is better for you to have at least beaten Rannala, who is actually her mother, because a lot of the things about the quest will open up from this point onward.

Begin the Quest

After meeting Ranni in the Church of Elleh, the first thing you need to do is to travel all the way to the northwestern part of Liurnia of the Lakes. This might take some time because of how this isn’t exactly the smallest map in the game. However, as long as you just make sure that you are relentlessly heading north of West Liurnia, this shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, while you’re at it, avoid fighting enemies and make sure that you rest in any of the Sites of Grace that you can find.

You might run into the friendly giant Iji on your way to the north. Just make sure to speak to him because he will be very useful later on.

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Once you reach the north, you will be at Caria Manor. There will be some useful items here, but we recommend that you keep on running while you’re still on the first floor of the manor. That’s because the giant hand spiders are going to be a pian to deal with no matter how high your level is. And they don’t even give a ton of runes.

Just go through the rest of the manor until you end up in a room with a pool that’s surrounded by chairs. There’s going to be a strong Troll Knight before you get to this room, so deal with that first. Anyone will understand that this room full of chairs is where the boss of the manor will be.

You will fight Loretta, a mage boss who will be riding on her horse. On top of the fact that she is a mage that will unleash spells at you, she also has a sickle that’s going to be tough to avoid. She may be tricky, but she isn’t the most difficult boss to defeat. It might not take you a ton of tries to defeat this one because she isn’t that difficult compared to what’s going to come on this list.

After defeating Loretta, move on forward so that you will be taken to the garden behind Caria Manor. This place is called the Three Sisters. There will be three towers here: Renna’s rise, Ranni’s Rise, and Seluvis’ Rise. Of course, your goal here is to get to the middle tower, which is Ranni’s Rise. 

Head your way to the top of the tower, where you will encounter Ranni again. Simply speak to her for you to accept her request, and you will now be one of the people assisting her in her personal questline. She will ask you to talk to the other members of the team that’s helping her in her quest. You simply need to talk to three people, but it is important to talk to Blaidd, who is on his way to Siofra River to look for Nokron.

Make Your Way to Radahn

Go to Siofra River, which you can access through the Siofra River Well in Mistoods in East Limgrave. Again, your horse will be your best friend once you get to the main part of Siofra River because there will be a few tricky enemies that should be strong enough to kill you.

Simply head straight until the end of Siofra, where you will see Blaidd. Speak to him, and he’ll tell you that you can see Nokron above the river but won’t be able to get there. This means that you have ended up at a dead-end at that point in the mission.

Nevertheless, go back to Iji to talk about the quest. He will tell you to go to Seluvis’ Rise to get the potion for Nepehil. You should also ask about Nokron from Seluvis, as you will be given a letter of introduction to meet the Sorcerer Selen. You might have already come across her earlier in the game when you were clearing up Limgrave.

Simply go to the Waypoint Ruins of East Limgrave. This can be accessed along the road if you teleport to the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. If you haven’t been to Selen before, you will need to defeat the Pumpkin Head found in the basement of the ruins. 

After defeating it, you will be able to speak to Selen, who can be found in the door behind the room where you have to defeat the Pumpkinhead. Give the letter to Selen, who will tell you to defeat Radahn to get to Nokron.

This is probably the hardest part of the game because Radahn is going to be a very difficult opponent. But first, you actually have to get to Radahn, who will be found in Redmane Castle in Caelid.

Caeld can be found in the western side of the northern part of Limgrave. Once you’re in Caelid, head south while following the road. Redmane Castle can be found in the southernmost part of Caelid. There will be some enemies along the way, but you have to trust in your horse to get you through them. Don’t bother going to war with the monsters and the soldiers that will be in the way of your path to Redmane Castle because they won’t matter too much.

You won’t be able to access the castle through its gates, but there are portals near the bridge to the castle. Simply take the portal to enter the castle. There won’t be any enemies in the castle except for the powerful duo of mini-boss lion monsters that are guarding the gate. They are entirely optional because you will be teleported to an area that’s beyond their reach, but you can still try to face them to get some good items.

After defeating the mini-boss monsters, proceed through the castle, which is quite bare because your allies have probably cleared it up already. Talk to everyone in the castle to get to understand more about the situation and about Starscourge Radahn. 

The announcer will allow you to see the demi-god’s backstory, which should be a treat because of how you will be taken to a good cutscene that will make you understand Radahn’s history. Once you’re ready, take the lift down to the beachside, where there will be a portal that will take you to Radahn.

Defeat Starscourge Radahn

Elden Ring How to Defeat Starscourge Radahn

This is probably the most difficult part of completing Ranni’s quest because of how terrifying and challenging Radahn is. Most players tend to take him on at level 70 to 80. However, we were at level 115, but we still struggled to defeat this boss. Nevertheless, the higher your level is, the better your chances against him as long as you actually know the best strategy.

A lot of players tend to summon their friends to go to war against this terrifying demi-god. However, it’s better to go at him offline without playing multiplayer because Radahn will be a lot easier to handle when you are on horseback.

Once you enter the arena, you will realize just how huge the place is and how far Radahn is from you. That will be to his advantage because his range with his great bow is dangerous. And most players tend to die before they even get to him.

Your goal here is to go to the summon icons in front of where you appear when you teleport to Radahn’s arena. Don’t ride your horse yet because it’s going to be very difficult to avoid the arrows on horseback. Radahn’s arrows are nearly a sure hit unless you roll at the very last second. And most players tend to get taken out in just two hits.

There will be obstacles in front of the summon icons so that Radahn’s arrows won’t get to you. You will be able to summon a lot of NPCs here, and their purpose is to distract Radahn by charging at him. Meanwhile, ride your horse and charge at Radahn from the side instead of head-on because he will be blasting a rain of arrows at you and your NPC pals.

Once you’re already close to Radahn, he will switch to his melee weapons, which are two greatswords. This is where the NPCs will be very useful because Radahn will most likely focus more on them as long as you’re not too close to him.

If you’re a melee fighter, then it’s best to go with the old hit-and-run tactic, which requires you to charge straight at him after his combos to steal two to three hits while you’re on horseback. It is best to attack his legs from behind because most of his attacks target the front. After that, distance yourself from him once again because he doesn’t have a lot of attacks that can reach you once he’s already drawn his swords.

For those using sorcery and long-ranged weapons, chip at his health with your best attacks. If you have attacks that can cause bleeding, poison, or scarlet rot, use them against him because he’s weak to those status effects. Radahn will kill your NPC friends, and it’s best to resummon them again after a while because you need them to distract the demi-god.


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Once you’ve cut into half his health, he will fly away. Use a Flask of Wondrous Physick with the invulnerability effect while staying on the move with your horse. That’s because Radahn will charge at you from afar like a meteor and will explode. When you see the ground turning orange, run away as far as possible because this attack has a huge area of effect.

After that, Radahn will be introducing a new attack that will allow him to throw homing rocks at you. This is why being on horseback is important because the rocks won’t hit you as long as you are running towards the side endlessly. Use the same hit-and-run tactics while keeping watch of your health until you finally slay the demi-god.

Defeating Radahn will cause a cutscene that will allow you to see meteorites falling down from the sky. Blaidd will tell you that the falling stars probably opened a path somewhere, and that’s your ticket into Nokron.

Go To Nokron And Find the Fingerslaying Blade

Go to the southern part of East Limgrave where you will be able to see a large hole on the ground. There will be rocks floating in this area. If you look down, you’ll be able to see a path that leads to an underground area. Be careful when going down because jumping down on certain ledges will kill you.

IMG 3276

Once you’ve made your way down, you will be taken to an ancient underground city. There will be a few enemies here, but they won’t be too difficult to handle. If you were strong enough to defeat Radahn, this area shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Continue on with Nokron until you get to a place where you will see a mist wall. Before you enter, we recommend that you strip all the way down because you’ll be facing the Mimic Tear boss here. This boss will completely copy you, and that means that wearing nothing and having no weapons will prevent it from copying what you’re wearing. 

When the boss finally appears and has finished copying you, that’s when you should equip your weapon and armor. Don’t worry about getting attacked while you’re still re-equipping because the Mimic Tear won’t cause a lot of damage. Simply beat it down after that.

Defeating the Mimic Tear will open a new path that will take you to a bridge. Get on your horse and head to the southern part of the middle portion of the map to find a Site of Grace and some buildings that you can hop on. This will be the Night’s Sacred Ground. Jump across the rooftops until you get to the center of the area after going down from the broken window of a church.

But before you go down from the second floor of the church, look for a fog wall. If you have a Stonesword Key with you, open that fog wall so that you can acquire the Mimic Tear summon, which is going to be one of the best Spirit Ashes in the game. Having this Spirit Ash will also make things easier for you.


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When you get to the center of the Night’s Sacred Ground, there will be some Silver Tears that you should kill immediately before they transform. One of them will turn into a giant. However, they won’t be too tough to handle. After defeating them, make your way to the end of the area to find the Fingerslaying Blade inside a chest found in the building at the end of the center of the Nigth’s Sacred Ground.

Acquiring The Dark Moon Ring

Go back to Ranni and give her the blade. She will give you the Carian Inverted Statue, which will allow you to enter the Carian Study Hall. 

After that, Renna’s Rise will now be accessible. It will allow you to immediately go to Ainsel River, where you’ll find the Miniature Ranni. Take the small Ranni will you to a Site of Grace and talk to her until she responds. She will tell you to go to Nokstella, where you should be killing some shades. You can continue to talk to her when you’re at a Site of Grace to understand her story.

Continue until you get to a point under the stone bug. You will have to descend an elevator until you get to a garden with a few Nox monks that are on ants. From there, go right to find another elevator that will take you to the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace.

There will be a few Basilisks, but you can run past them to get to a spot where Blaidd will invade you. You will now have to kill Blaidd, as Ranni will thank you for doing so. She will give you the Discarded Palace Key. Go back to Raya Lucaria Grand Library, where you fought Rannala. Open the chest there to acquire the Dark Moon Ring.

The Final Part And Acquiring The Moonlight Greatsword 

After acquiring the Dark Moon Ring, you will now be able to access the Cathedral of Manus Celes. From where you fought Blaidd, go down and head into the Lake of Rot. You can go straight to the giant door on the right side as long as you have enough flasks. But the rot may end up killing you, and that’s why you might want to stand on the switches to make the platforms appear so that you can have something to step on

After the doorway, there will be a Site of Grace that will allow you to replenish your health and flasks. Use the ledges close by to go down to a place where there will be some centipede monsters. Head towards the right to find a stone coffin near a waterfall. You can climb the coffin, and this will begin a cutscene.

Just after the cutscene, you will find yourself just outside a mist wall. Entering the wall will allow you to face Astel, Nautralborn of the Void. This guy is a very tough battle and is almost just as tough as Radahn. On top of that, he is also the creepiest boss in the entire game because he looks like something straight out of someone’s nightmare.


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The best way to defeat this guy is to hit him in the face with jumping attacks, which probably aren’t something you’re used to doing. Make sure to keep your distance from him because he does have strong attacks that cover a large area. Of course, his pincers can be deadly because they can grab you.

However, we found it more difficult to handle Radahn. So, if you defeated Radahn, you might be able to defeat Astel as well because of how they tend to be very similar to one another in terms of overall difficulty.

After killing Astel, head up the elevator. You will be able to get to the final part of the entire questline. There will be a big cathedral that you can enter. However, a dragon boss monster will appear to greet you.

The good news here is that you don’t have to fight this dragon because you can just run inside the Cathedral of Manus Celes instead of wasting your time with the dragon boss. You can make your descent through the hole found in the floor.

Inside the hole, you will find Ranni and a few dead fingers. This will initiate a cutscene where you will put the Dark Moon Ring on Ranni’s finger. She’ll tell you how grateful she is for your help and for acting as her champion. She will disappear after that, and the Moonlight Greatsword will appear in front of you.

Elden Ring Screenshot 2022.02.26

If you want to see the dialogue at the end of the game changing, you can go back to Ranni’s Rise, where she once sat. There will be some additional dialogue here. After this questline, you can now choose Ranni’s ending after you’ve finished the game.

Go back to Ranni’s Rise if you want to fight Blaidd, who is outside the building. He will be hostile. Defeating him will allow you to acquire his sword and his armor set. But his helmet will be somewhere near Seluvis’ Rise.

Talking to Iji will also allow you to see an epilogue in the quest after killing Blaidd. He will talk about Blaidd’s death and how he will soon follow him. Exit the area and return to him to find him dead. You will find Iji’s Bell Bearing and Iji’s Mirrorhelm just close to his anvil.

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