Elon Musk Is Also Excited About Henry Cavill’s Upcoming ‘Highlander’ Movie

Elon Musk Is Also Excited About Henry Cavill's Upcoming 'Highlander' Movie

A lot of older fans will remember Highlander very fondly. The 1986 fantasy movie starring Christopher Lambert as the titular Highlander, Connor MacLeod, became a massive hit and is still considered to be a proper cult classic almost 40 years after its premiere. The movie spawned a whole franchise, and while none of the subsequent works managed to become as important and as beloved as the original movie, the currently planned reboot by Lionsgate is hyping everyone up so much that we genuinely think that it might become as successful as the original movie it is based on. And, as you will soon see, we’re not the only ones excited about the project!

The upcoming movie was set to begin filming in January this year, but this was postponed and we now have confirmation that the movie is scheduled to begin filming in January 2025 in Scotland, so it is probably aiming for late 2025 or even a 2026 release date; the latter would be more fitting since the reboot would then be released on the 40th anniversary of the original film.

A Highlander reboot has been in the works for a while now and it finally seems that the project is moving forward with John Wick director Chad Stahelski, while Henry Cavill is attached to star in the movie as the titular protagonist originally played by Lambert. Not much is known about the project, but as we’ve said, filming is projected to start in January 2025, with Stahelski traveling to Scotland soon to scout for locations, as confirmed by Collider:

We start shooting in January in Scotland, that’s why I go right after I leave. I go to Scotland on Monday to do the final location scout.

– Source: Collider

Many fans have expressed their enthusiasm over the movie, with some being happy that Cavill is playing the lead role, while others are hopeful because of Stahelski’s involvement in the project. But, there is also one very excited fan among the world’s celebrities, based on the following tweet:

So yes, Elon Musk is also excited about the upcoming movie. This doesn’t mean much going forward, but we still decided to report on it because it proved that the hype is real. So, what do we know about the movie? Well, in a recent interview, Stahelski revealed, among other things, that he will try to balance out the sword fighting and action scenes:

I’ll keep it to the core. Most audiences, I’ll use the gun analogy, most of what you know about gunfights or car chases, because most of us don’t get involved in gun fights, or car chases, or sword fights, we learn through movies. And what those movies show you is about 95% bullshit. You don’t fight 50 guys with your bare hands and then walk away, but it’s fun. It’s wish fulfillment. So John Wick, we know it’s a cartoon — I know it’s not — but we also have fun with it. But we do tactical reloads, we try to do fire manipulations, stuff like the professionals do, the military do. But then we have fun with it, you know? Sword work is very much the same.

– Source: Collider

He also commented on how difficult it is to organize the stunt work and how long it takes actors to properly prepare for demanding action roles, remembering his work with Keanu Reeves on John Wick:

There’s some very interesting sword styles out there, but most of the time, we don’t have a lot of time, or we don’t have access to some people, or the cast members…sometimes you only have three or four days, or three or four weeks to train the cast member. Actors are no different than you. If you have become an NBA basketball player, could you do it in three weeks? Could you do it in three months? Could you do it in three years? Yet the burden is on us to make it look like they’re the best in the world that has ever lived. I don’t think you understand what kind of time that takes. We can use a few movie tricks, stunt doubles, editorial. But at the end of the day, you still have to believe it. But when you see Keanu Reeves doing gunwork, that’s Keanu Reeves. When you see Keanu drive, that is Keanu driving the car. And that has taken the better part of 10 years to get to that point.

– Source: Collider

As you can see, the movie definitely seems promising and with all the hype, we are potentially in for a major hit when it is released. Until then, be sure to keep following us for all the updates here on Fiction Horizon!

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