Epic Saga ‘Rise of the Raven’ Unveiled by Beta Film

Rise of the Raven

Beta Film, the powerhouse behind hits like ‘Babylon Berlin,’ has just given us a sneak peek at their latest project, ‘Rise of the Raven.’ Thanks to Variety, we got our hands on an exclusive first-look image of this 10-part series. They’re calling it one of the grandest European TV productions ever, and that’s saying something.

The story is a labor of love for Robert Lantos, a producer with roots in Hungary and Canada. You might know him from big titles like ‘Eastern Promises’ and ‘Barney’s Version.’ ‘Rise of the Raven’ is his latest passion project, and it’s shaping up to be something special.

This series dives into the life of Janos Hunyadi, a Hungarian army commander. With the actor Gellért L. Kádár bringing Hunyadi to life, we’re taken back to 1456. That’s when Hunyadi pulled off an incredible win at the Battle of Belgrade against a much larger Ottoman army. His troops, mostly farmers, fought with nothing but slings and sheer guts. Hunyadi’s victory was a turning point, keeping Ottoman forces at bay and giving the Renaissance in Italy a chance to bloom.


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We also get to explore Hunyadi’s personal side, especially the women who stood by him. Elizabeth, his wife, wasn’t just a supportive partner; she fought right alongside him. Then there’s Mara Brankovic, his first love, whose life takes a dramatic turn. Their stories add a rich layer to the series.

The team behind ‘Rise of the Raven’ is impressive. Besides Lantos, we’ve got talents like Tibor Krsko and Ari Lantos on production. Directing the series are big names like Robert Dornhelm and Orsi Nagypal. With Balazs Lengyel steering the ship as showrunner, the writing and direction promise to be top-notch.

The cast is a mix of international stars. We’re talking about actors from Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Serbia. With such a diverse and talented group, the series is bound to grab our attention.

‘Rise of the Raven’ isn’t just about battles and politics. It’s a story about determination, love, and the fight for freedom. With such a strong team and a compelling story, we can’t wait to see it come to life.

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