‘Equinox’: Full Trailer for the New Netflix Sci-Fi Series

Equinox: Full Trailer For The New Netflix SF Series

Netflix brings us another interesting European genre series. This time it is a limited Danish ‘Equinox’ series that opens the door to a dark parallel universe. ‘Equinox’ is the second Danish original Netflix series after the 2018 SF drama The Rain.

As soon as the first teaser was released, comparisons started with the popular German series Dark, which finished its story this year. So if you’ve been a Dark fan and want to give a Danish production chance to prove itself, be sure to look at the recently released trailer.

The creator of the series and screenwriter is Tea Lindeburg, and the executive producer is Piv Bernth. The main director is Søren Balle, who directed the first four episodes. The series consists of six episodes and is based on the acclaimed 1985 podcast Equinox, which was the most listened to on iTunes in Denmark.

Radio host Astrid struggles with the trauma of her sister’s disappearance in a mysterious bus accident 20 years ago. But when someone shows up on her show claiming to know the truth about what happened to her sister and the others on the bus, she finds herself drawn into a bizarre world of secrets and dark things hidden in a world adjacent to our own reality.

The series is set in Denmark and moves back and forth between 1999, where it all began, and the present time.

Starring Danica Curčić (The Bridge, Warrior), Lars Brygmann (Dicte), Karoline Hamm (Juleønsket), Viola Martinsen (When the Dust Settles), Fanny Leander Bornedal (The Other World), August Carter, Ask Truelsen and Alexandre Willaume (The Head).

‘Equinox’ on Netflix arrives on December 30th.

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