Eric Kripke Opens Up About the Firecracker/Homelander Scene from Episode 6 and Its Consequences

Eric Kripke Opens Up About the Firecracker/Homelander Scene from Episode 6 and Its Consequences

The Boys is one of the most popular superhero series in the world, as we all know. Since June 13, 2024, the series’ fourth season has been airing, and we’re close to the finale. The season is currently Certified Fresh with high ratings, and Amazon has reported that the series also saw an increase in viewership.

Despite that, some fans are review-bombing the season due to its increased political undertone, and one aspect of the season’s political satire is a new character called Firecracker, a new supervillain with a prominent role in the series. Played by Valorie Curry, Firecracker is an interesting character, and she entered the spotlight after her bizarre moment with Homelander in Episode 6.

We have already revealed what Curry herself said of the scene, but showrunner Eric Kripke also commented on it in an interview with Variety, in which he revealed some background information about the scene.

Kripke sat down for a talk with Variety, and he answered several questions related to the show and some of the most recent moments from Episode 6, including – as we’ve said – the controversial breastfeeding scene involving Firecracker and Homelander which shocked and intrigued fans at the same time. Here is what he said:

Where did the idea for Firecracker breastfeeding Homelander come from? We know his milk fetish, we know his mommy fetish. But the choice actually to take it to this level on screen and get Antony Starr and Valorie Curry comfortable with that…

No, of course, Ant and Val were like, “Let’s do it!” I think I remember telling Val on Day 1 of seeing her in Toronto, “Just so we’re clear, Firecracker is going to be breastfeeding him.” And I believe her response was something to the effect of like, “Well, of course she is.” When you take that character and how slavishly devoted she is to Homelander, and how she would do anything for him — as she’s made abundantly clear by saying it like seven times in a row to him — that giving him the thing he wants most in the world becomes logical, in a bananas sort of way.

As we were saying in the room, because she’s also jockeying to get in a better position as a way to sell out Sage, they’re now competing for Homelander’s attention. So the conversation in the room came up that Sage is great at what people might need intellectually, but Firecracker is really amazing at what people need emotionally. And we said, “Well, what is the thing Homelander needs most in the world that no one else could give them?” And it’s a hop, skip and a jump to, “Well, he would need a woman who’s actually willing to let him breastfeed.” And I remember distinctly, Ellie Monahan in the room said, “If we’re doing that, that’s the craziest thing we’ve ever done.” And it’s close, man.

That scene, first of all, getting the milk squirted into his face, and Ant’s shock and total delight is such a beautiful moment. But any other sane show would cut away at that point. And by the way, not that sane — but that’s when you cut away, you know what’s gonna happen.

The fact that we cut to the actual breastfeeding scene makes me cover my mouth every time. It’s just so stunning, and wow. Just what it means to the characters — the actors’ balls in pulling that off. I mean, it’s just my chef’s kiss to all of them.

And the medicine that does that only enlarges her heart a little bit!

Just a tiny little bit.

Source: Variety

As you can see, there is definitely a lot of interesting background related to the conception of this scene and its filming; earlier, we reported that Valorie Curry confirmed that the filming of the scene went well without any issues whatsoever. But, another interesting thing about this scene is that Kripke confirmed that the medicine she’s taking is enlarging Firecracker’s heart, and we think that this might be used as a segue to her demise later in the series.

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