Eternals vs Avengers: Who Would Win and Why?

Eternals vs Avengers

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Despite the individual differences, as a group, the Eternals would be able to defeat the Avengers, simply because they are more powerful than the Earth’s mightiest heroes. The Eternals are on a completely different level of powers that the Avengers, on a general note, cannot compete with.

Speaking of Eternals vs Avengers, there’s still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers and abilities in more detail and see how the fight between Eternals and Avengers would play out.  

Eternals vs Avengers: Power Comparison

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Analyzing the powers of the Eternals is no easy thing. Namely, there are so many of them and each of them has its own special powers that it is quite difficult to give a general outline of their powers.

Eternals are humanoid characters, yet the only trait they share with humans is their visual appearance. As far as their strength goes, they are superpowered cosmic entities whose strength is much higher than that of normal humans.

Each Eternal is “blessed” with superstrength, although the degrees vary between each individual Eternal. Compared to some other cosmic Entities, the Eternals are – despite their power – less powerful than the Celestials, for example, and even Thanos, who himself is an Eternal with the Deviants gene. They are equally as strong as the Deviants, their chaotic counterparts.

Eternals also have psionic abilities, which – again – vary between each individual Eternal. Some are more, and some are less skilled but they all have these abilities, no matter the degree.

These psionic abilities are, in part, the reason why they can create and join the Uni-Mind, a special gestalt entity that grants them more power. Each Eternal can join the Uni-Mind, even the Titan cousins of the real Eternals.

Another important trait of the Eternals is that they can project cosmic energy from their hands and their eyes, which makes them extremely powerful in direct combat.

Some of them can also harness energy to make them additionally stronger. The thing with the Eternals is that they usually specialize in specific fields, meaning that they focus their powers and manifest them in one specific form, which is why each individual Eternal is so specific.

Finally, we can state that the Eternals aren’t immortal, but they are so long-living and usually have regenerative abilities that they practically are. They can die and be killed, but live so long that it seems like they are completely immortal.



As far as the Avengers are concerned, determining their powers is even more difficult, as they are a very heterogeneous group, while the Eternals, despite being unique among themselves, still belong to the same race. The Avengers are humans, mostly, in that aspect, but their powers certainly vary even more.

As far as strength is concerned, most Avengers have some degree of superstrength, which varies from Black Widow’s somewhat stronger physique to the Hulk’s or Thor’s enormous strength. On the other hand, there are those like Iron Man who are nothing without their technology, so their superpowers stem from there.

The Avengers are also more prone to using weapons and technology, especially those that have no inherent superpowers, although this is not a rule (e.g. Thor).

As far as psionic powers and energy manipulation are concerned, the Avengers truly vary, from those that have absolutely no such powers (e.g. Captain America, Hawkeye, Ant-Man), to those that heavily rely on it (e.g. Thor, Iron Man, some X-Men members). Also, there is a fair share of members that have magical powers, such as the Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange.

As far as durability and longevity are concerned, the Avengers are generally very resilient, but this also varies. Human characters are generally mortal and vulnerable like any other human (e.g. you can kill Hawkeye or Black Widow with a gun), while there are others who are practically immortal and extremely resilient (e.g. the Hulk).

All in all, the powers of the Avengers depend, very much, on the roster of the team and this is the best we could come up with on a general level.

Eternals vs Avengers: Who Would Win?

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The basic difficulty here is determining the rosters to compare. The Eternals aren’t all that complex, since the generations are fixed and they’re actually a race, not a heterogeneous group. The Avengers, on the other hand, are much more difficult to pick, as there are several dozen members to choose from.

But, let us say that we have decided to go with the most famous Eternals roster on one side and the strongest Avengers roster on the other side.

The Eternals’ powers are much more potent than those of the Avengers. The Eternals are superhuman beings and there are only two Avengers – Thor and Hulk – who could really do some serious damage against them. Captain America and Iron Man, for example, might land some attacks, but they wouldn’t stand a chance against the Eternals’ powerful energy attacks.

Thor and Hulk would, on the other hand, cause a lot of problems for the Eternals, but seeing how the Eternals could easily deal with the rest of the Avengers, they could defeat these two by simply outnumbering them. This is also something that the Eternals could have a problem with, should they face every Avenger ever at the same time, but this is quite unlikely.

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Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange would also pose a problem for the Eternals, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the guys who are on the same power level as Thanos could not defeat them. All in all, there doesn’t seem to be any chance for the Avengers and that is why we conclude that the Eternals would defeat the Avengers in a direct clash.

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