‘Euphoria’ Star Barbie Ferreria Criticizes Back-Handed Compliments

kat hernandes

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Euphoria, a HBO hit series which follows the story of a struggling addict Rue and her high school friends became immensely popular and is constantly referenced on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Instagram. There is hardly anyone who hasn’t seen at least one meme or a clip from Euphoria so it is no wonder that the series is already renewed for season 3.

A season 2 star Barbie Ferreria, who appears in a role of Kat Hernandes, has recently commented on some backhanded compliments she receives for her confidence. Although her character is generally liked by the fans, no star can ever avoid the flip side of fame – a negative, hateful comments which all seem to come down to some shallow criticism of their appearances.

Barbie Ferreria had slammed the trend of toxic positivity and backhanded compliments which aim to subtly criticize someone, while masking it as a well-intended compliment. Ferreria was called brave for wearing a crop top, which implies that plus-size women are radical for simply existing and wearing what they want.


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There is nothing brave about wearing a crop top and the comments like these keep setting us back and are hardly any different than more direct forms of body shaming. Ferreria thinks it is sad that bigger bodies are not “trendy”, but is aware it is all part of a bigger conversation about young people struggling with self-love.

It’s not radical for me to be wearing a crop top. [Comments like that] are just backhanded compliments. I’ve been doing this since I was 16, I’m 25… I think bigger bodies are not as “trendy” anymore, which is sad to me. But it’s more of a conversation of the fact that we all struggle with self-love, and I don’t think any young person has really figured it out yet.

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