‘Euphoria’: Top Insane Things That Happened in S02E05


As the plot thickens, Episode 5 of HBO’s hit show Euphoria, aired last night. In this episode, all is out in the open. In episode 4 of the show, Elliot revealed to Jules that Rue had relapsed. This episode picks up from there right after Jules outs Rue to her mom. What happens after, is a series of madness, insanity, craziness, and euphoria.

  1. Rue broke up with Jules after she exposed her to Leslie. While the motivation behind this is unclear yet, it was insane that Jules went to Leslie directly without even bothering to confront Rue about this. This sets off a chain of events that left Jules single. We are yet to know if this is real or withdrawal talking.
  2. Rue outed Cassie to Maddie. This was another jaw-dropping moment. It could have been intense if it wasn’t such a funny one. This will set up a very interesting story going forward after Maddie learns that Cassie has been hooking up with her boyfriend. Or ex-boyfriend.
  3. Rue outran the cops. After her daring escape, she spends the whole night running. The most insane time however was when she outran cops in the neighborhood. Good for her that she avoided spending the night in jail but where she ended up was much worse though.
  4. Rue stole. She is funny, pretty, blunt, manipulative and a few other things but no one could have pegged her for a thief. This goes to show how deep the problem of addiction is and what it can make you do.
  5. Rue hurt her family. After gaslighting her mother and sister, Rue goes on the offensive and starts hurling the meanest words at her mother and sister. Since this isn’t their first rodeo with her, the words didn’t hurt as much. She then decided to get physical breaking down a door and even assaulting Gia.


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This was clearly a Rue-oriented episode. It was interesting and eye-opening to see just how low drug addiction can make one sink.

Euphoria airs on Sundays at 9 pm on HBO and streams later on HBO Max.

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