Eustass Kid vs. Big Mom: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Eustass Kid vs. Big Mom: Who Would Win in a Fight?

It is known that Big Mom is probably the strongest female character from One Piece of all time. The former Emperor of the Sea was amazingly strong and there were only a few that could actually match her powers and abilities in the whole franchise. On the other hand, Eustass Kid is one of the most formidable members of the “Worst Generation” and one of the best characters in One Piece. Big Mom and Kid faced off during the Wano Country Arc and in this article, we are going to tell you who won.

Individually, Eustass Kid is not stronger than Big Mom. Big Mom was a Yonko, whereas Eustass Kid, despite all of his powers and abilities, was not on her level. Still, combining his powers with Trafalgar D. Water Law, the two were able to defeat Big Mom in Wano Country, thus ending her tenure as one of the Four Emperors, her spot being taken by Buggy the Clown.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to compare Big Mom and Eustass Kid in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is, i.e., why Big Mom would, according to our analysis, be able to defeat Eustass Kid in an individual, one-on-one fight, but how she still lost against him in the end.

Physical powers

Kid has shown enormous strength, being able to carry dozens of gigantic rocks in a very short time on practically equal terms with Luffy; all this while he was wearing handcuffs containing sea stone, and with only one arm. He was also able to defeat Dobon, a leader of the Beasts Pirates, along with Luffy with great ease, all with the aforementioned disadvantages. He is also strong enough to destroy a ship, with the help of Luffy and Law.

He also possesses enormous stamina, as he was able to withstand a direct punch from Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors, who he sent flying right after with the power of her fruit. He was shown to be able to gain enormous weight from ingested food, and, like Luffy, quickly digest it to return to her normal form. It is unknown if it is due to some ability of his or it was just a comical moment.

Luffy y Kid cargando rocas en Udon

Linlin possesses immense physical strength, demonstrated by her ability to climb tall buildings, deliver powerful punches sufficient to destroy a building, and shatter the ground with his feet. She is also able to throw her minions with great force using only one arm. When she is hungry she produces abnormal amounts of saliva which seems to be much more corrosive than a normal person.

She managed to break down the metal door to her castle’s treasure room, which even her daughter Smoothie, a Sweet Commander, couldn’t get through, just by walking into it. Big Mom possesses enormous resistance thanks to her extremely hard skin, compared by Capone Bege to an iron balloon. She is able to destroy cities, sink ships, and withstand cannons and gunfire without being harmed.

It is said that no weapon can pierce his skin. However, she loses her tenacity when she goes into a psychological breakdown, such as when someone dropped the photo of Mother Caramel that she is enjoying.

When Kid actually faced off against Big Mom, he was able to withstand a punch from her, which speaks enough about his powers. Could he actually overpower her? We’re not sure, but this feat was enough for us to split the points between the two of them.

Points: Eustass Kid 1, Big Mom 1

Devil Fruit

Kid ate the Jiki Jiki no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit connected to magnetism that gives him the ability to attract and repel metal objects at high speed as if his body were a huge and powerful magnet. Thanks to this, he can repel bullets and return them to his shooter or attract all the metal in the area and create huge limbs, such as arms, to hit his enemies or block attacks, such as a laser beam from a Pacifista.

In addition, he has a great physical condition to resist the extra weight of those metals. In the Unlimited Cruise game, Kid can launch compressed scrap bullets at high speed. Kid can also attract himself to metal structures using his metal arm as a magnet, something that provides him with a method of air travel.


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When using his ability, Kid emits small purple electric sparks from his hands, so his ability can be similar to an electromagnet. The fruit’s main weakness seems to be its dependence on the environment around it, in which there must be enough metal for it to handle and use as a weapon. Aside from this, Kid also experiences the general weaknesses of those who have consumed a Devil Fruit.

Big Mom se enfrenta a Brook

Linlin is the wielder of Soru Soru no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to manipulate the souls of human beings to the user’s wish. She can remove the soul of her victims by catching them in substance form, reducing their lifespan, and absorbing it into herself; if she chooses a sufficient number, she kills the victim.

The latter can introduce a soul into an object to make it alive or into an animal to make it human. The user can also split their own soul into fragments that live as incarnations of the fruit eater. They call themselves the Homies and they cannot oppose Big Mom. Her Fruit is similar to the Kage Kage no Mi, however, she cannot put her soul into corpses or a human. She can also create incarnations of her soul who have the task of collecting the souls of the inhabitants.

Individually, Eustass Kid’s Devil Fruit powers are no match for Big Mom’s Devil Fruit powers. She has an enormously powerful Devil Fruit, whereas Kid can outmatch many other characters, but individually, he cannot do much against Big Mom.

Points: Eustass Kid 1, Big Mom 2


Kid can use all three types of Haki, one shown non-canon. Kid can use Kenbunshoku Haki, being able to detect Luffy after he activates his awakening. Kid can use Busoshoku Haki, but its level of use is unknown. In One Piece: Stampede, Kid he was able to harden two metallic arms that he created with Busoshoku Haki. Kaidou revealed that Kid possesses Haoshoku Haki. In the anime Kid used it to intimidate various members of the Beasts Pirates, showing that he can use it consciously.


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Linlin is one of the few characters capable of using all three types of Haki. Linlin is capable of using Kenbunshoku Haki, but its level of use is unknown. Linlin can make use of Busoshoku Haki, showing immense mastery over it. By stiffening his arm, he was able to easily block Luffy’s Gear Fourth Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun, something that Doflamingo, a very proficient Busoshoku Haki user, had no chance to defend against. Like Luffy’s Gear Fourth, Big Mom’s Busoshoku Haki has flame patterns on its ends.

Charlotte Linlin is capable of using Haoshoku Haki, a skill that only one in a million people is capable of using. The first time she was seen using this ability was to knock out a man who questioned her about her relationship with Mother Carmel. Later, after the destruction of Carmel’s portrait, Big Mom unleashed a large wave of Haki accompanied by her thunderous shriek; knocking out numerous guests at her party. Linlin can also use the advanced form of Haoshoku Haki, seen infusing her fist with it to attack Page One.

And while both Kid and Big Mom can use all three types of Haki, it seems that Big Mom is more proficient in this aspect, which is why we ultimately decided to award the point to her. We seriously doubt that Kid would be able to defeat Big Mom with his Haki skills; she is just too powerful.

Points: Eustass Kid 1, Big Mom 3


Around his torso, he carries a pistol and a purple-handled dagger. Despite having drawn the latter on several occasions, he never actually did it in combat, so her abilities with it are unknown until now. At some point during the timeskip, his left arm was replaced with a metallic one, making him a cyborg. The ability this new arm grants him is as yet unknown, but he is able to combine it with his Devil Fruit abilities.

one piece v103 ch1039 p018 019 edit

Big Mom can wield the retractable blade of her Napoleon bicorne as a sword in battle. Using it in combination with his monstrous strength allows him to unleash powerful shockwaves that can cause massive destruction.

No one has yet proven able to withstand Napoleon’s powerful strikes, as even Jinbe has been overwhelmed by the blade despite putting up his best defense. Napoleon can also be caught in the flames of Prometheus to increase his attack power. During her altercation with Kaido, she was able to part the sky following the clash suffered between Napoleon and Kaido’s kanabo.

Eustass Kid is quite proficient with weapons but Big Mom has Napoleon, and with that, the discussion immediately comes to an end. Individually, Napoleon is stronger than any weapon that Kid ever used.

Points: Eustass Kid 1, Big Mom 4

Eustass Kid vs. Big Mom: Who wins?

Individually, as we have concluded, Big Mom is undoubtedly stronger than Eustass Kid. While the pirate is powerful, he is not on the level of the Empress and while she would have to put in some effort to defeat him, she would ultimately come out victorious. But, if you know your Wano Country history, you know that Eustass Kid – intelligently – defeated Big Mom and before we conclude this article, we are going to recap how he did it. Be careful, though, as this section will contain a lot of spoilers for non-manga readers.

Once Big Mom’s homies are separated from her, Kid launches his Punk Pistol attack on her, but that this attack has no effect on the Yonko, who sends a right blow to him in the face. But Kid resists, smiles at the Yonko by taking her arm, and sends Big Mom in the air thanks to his Repel; Law then uses his Tact to throw a rock at the Yonko in order to make her fall into the water.

Soon after, he gets up after Big Mom is saved by Prometheus and decides to go fight her with Killer. He tells the other Supernovae that their goal was to separate the two Emperors, which he believes was done and he then goes to the edge of the roof of Onigashima’s skull where Big Mom fell with a huge clump of metal behind him.

He is then surprised at the strange shape taken by the clouds above the levitating island. When Big Mom returns flying, Kid wonders how she can fly when Zeus has been captured. He then avoids Big Mom’s first attack with Killer but takes a second Fulgora attack which projects the two Supernovae on the second floor of the fortress, without him recognizing the place.

one piece v103 ch1038 p011 edit

After noticing that Big Mom doesn’t seem to be chasing them, they come across Basil Hawkins who attacks them. The two companions avoid the attack and call Hawkins a traitor. After a short conversation, Killer decides to stay and fight Hawkins while Kid goes after Big Mom. When he arrives on the scene, he stops an attack that the Yonko intended for Nami, Usopp, and Tama.

Kid then uses his metal arm to slam Big Mom’s head to the ground, telling the Straw Hats that it was up to him to beat her. Law then arrives and despite Kid’s reluctance, offers him an alliance against Big Mom. After taking Big Mom’s Mama Raid followed by Ikoku attacks, Kid decides, along with Law, to use their awakened Devil Fruit abilities against the Emperor out of necessity.

As Big Mom slams Kid towards the concert hall, Law places a field called KROOM around his sword and penetrates Big Mom’s body with it, allowing him to release a shockwave that injures the Emperor to the point of death. to bleed. The kid then uses his awakened ability to turn Big Mom into a magnet, causing a major part of the fortress structure to be drawn towards her and crush her from every angle.

It wasn’t enough to finish off Big Mom, however. Now truly angry, the Emperor stole the souls of several Kaido servants to power his own special Homies and created new ones from the steel beams that had previously crushed her. Recognizing Kid and Law’s power, Big Mom sacrificed a year of her own lifespan in order to grow in size and power while challenging the Worst Generation Pirates to try and bring her down.

Undaunted by Big Mom’s new form, Kid declared that he would take down the Emperor no matter the cost. Soon after, Big Mom got the upper hand again, beating them up while taunting them about their crew’s pleas for their lives to be spared. After Big Mom punished their crews for begging her, she began advancing towards the roof, considering their fight over.


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This, however, would give Law an advantage, as he was not yet defeated and exploited her ascent to the roof, covering Kikoku with K-Room and stabbing her right arm all the way to the face. He then unleashed Shock Wille on her again, remarking that she couldn’t have been unscathed from this attack before. Just before he was about to be attacked by his newly created steel homies, they were attached to Kid, who also got back up.

After assimilating both the homies and the surrounding metal, he confidently told Big Mom that nothing was safe from harm before charging Big Mom with Punk Corna Dio, ramming her into a wall. The two then once again assured Big Mom that they would not let her reach the roof, even if they died in battle. Big Mom, back in full force, assembles Napoleon, Hera, and Prometheus into a sword covered in flame and lightning and uses it to cut through her metal bull, but Kid claims it’s useless.

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The Empress laughs as she declares that the useless ones are them, who will have to give up their respective dreams. Meanwhile, Kid leaps towards Big Mom, assigning her a magnetic pole, and placing the opposite one on a wall: the pirate remains attached to it and, when Kid takes the opportunity to charge her with his metal bull, she turns around to use the wall as a shield.

Kid is stunned and immediately afterward, the Empress brings out of her sword a female figure made of flames and lightning to attack the enemies, Misery. Meanwhile, Law levitates a tower above her and uses it to knock her down, then stabs her in the chest with his sword. Linlin hits him repeatedly with fists clad in Haki, but Law doesn’t let go of the sword and keeps stretching it further and further; he then releases an even more devastating shockwave that severely injures the Empress.

Despite the massive damage suffered, Big Mom unleashes Misery against Law, which requires Kid’s intervention: the latter reiterates that he does not want orders and then fires a gigantic electromagnetic cannon, whose powerful beam of energy strikes the enemy head-on. While enduring her attack, Big Mom tells her opponents that she will let them choose their fate: give her fifty years of life or become her slaves.

She then begins to steal the life energy of Kaido’s men but this technique does not work on the two Supernovae who are not afraid of her. She then sees Law wrapping the latter in an R-ROOM, a room that cancels all the sounds she produces, preventing her from using her powers. Kid then curses Big Mom, pointing out that he never gives up and would send her to hell; he then hits her again with his electromagnetic cannon, causing her to sink into the ground. She then drops, accompanied by the bombs from the armory, and hears Kid and Law’s underlings celebrating the defeat of the Empress.