Ewan Mitchell Stresses Out the One Big Difference Between Aemond and Daemon in ‘House of the Dragon’

Ewan Mitchell Stresses Out the One Big Difference Between Aemond and Daemon in 'House of the Dragon'

HBO’s House of the Dragon is a spin-off series related to Game of Thrones. It premiered back in 2022, and the series, whose first season consisted of 10 episodes, was welcomed by both critics and fans. Because of that, it was soon renewed for a second season, which premiered Sunday, June 16, 2024, to great reviews as well, and will consist of eight episodes.

Naturally, the main story has been extended in the second season of House of the Dragon, but recently, one character has gained more attention as a result of his growth during the show. The character’s fame has grown as a result of a number of noteworthy events, so it is not surprising that we are discussing him once more.

Aemond Targaryen is the figure in question, and while many of our recent publications have concentrated on his frightening nude moment, actor Ewan Mitchell spoke with Vulture about the role and shared a number of significant information.

We have already reported on the nude scene and the reactions to it, but now it is time for us to see what else we can find out about Aemond from the guy playing the villainous character in the series. In his talk with Vulture, Mitchell also addressed the many comparisons between his Aemond and Matt Smith’s Daemon in the series, stressing that there is, indeed, a big difference between the two characters:

A lot of comparisons are made between Aemond and Daemon, but that’s a big difference: Daemon gets intensely attached, whether to his late brother King Viserys or to his niece and wife Queen Rhaenyra. We’ve seen him leave difficult situations, but he storms out, he doesn’t glide out. That’s Aemond.

One hundred percent. You rarely see him lose his cool. As soon as you start raising your voice and shouting, you lose the power. It’s not to say Aemond isn’t as angry as everyone else behind the smile. He probably is. But he’s able to keep a lid on it and channel it in different ways.

Source: Vulture

And we can only agree. There is a certain line that connects these two characters, as they are both exceptionally important and have very similar personalities and personal issues, but the bottom line is that their reactions are very different and that they are, essentially, two very different people in that aspect.

Mitchell wanted to stress this in this interview, as he explained: Aemond is much more cunning. He is as angry and full of hate as Daemon, but he is more sly in his approach and more subtle, which makes him a very interesting character in that aspect.

What do you think of the two of them? How similar or different are they? Let us know in the comments below!

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