Actor Ewan Mitchell Explains the Relationship Between Aemond and Vhagar

Actor Ewan Mitchell Explains the Relationship Between Aemond and Vhagar

HBO’s House of the Dragon is a spin-off series related to Game of Thrones. It premiered back in 2022, and the series, whose first season consisted of 10 episodes, was welcomed by both critics and fans. Because of that, it was soon renewed for a second season, which premiered Sunday, June 16, 2024, to great reviews as well, and will consist of eight episodes.

Of course, the tale has been extended in the second season of the House of the Dragon television series, but recently, because of his character growth, one character has been the center of attention. The character’s fame has grown as a result of a number of noteworthy events, so it is not surprising that we are discussing him once more.

The character in question is Aemond Targaryen, and while a lot of our recent reports have been focused on his shocking nude scene, actor Ewan Mitchell sat down for an interview with Vulture and discussed his character, revealing several important details.

We have already reported on the nude scene and the reactions to it, but now it is time for us to see what else we can find out about Aemond from the guy playing the villainous character in the series. In an interview with Vulture magazine, Ewan Mitchell discussed the relationship between Aemond and his dragon, Vhagar, which is not relevant just for the plot, but also for fully understanding Aemond’s character and his development:

My favorite Aemond moments are when you do glimpse how he feels. In that chase sequence above Storm’s End, Aemond is really upset when his dragon kills Lucerys Velaryon. In this season, he talks to the sex worker he’s been seeing about how it got to him. 

I agree. Between episodes seven and eight of season one, he’s manufactured himself into a weapon. He possesses this code that stops him from ever being hurt again, like he was as a kid. He has to be seen as this bulletproof, untouchable, ethereal presence no one can grasp.

He brings up his childhood in the brothel, too — how his brother and his young uncles used to pick on him for being different. Is all that in the back of your mind even when you’re doing the cool, sapphire-eye stuff?

Yeah. It’s partly down to seeing the young Aemond actor, Leo Ashton, in episodes six and seven of season one: the boy underneath the veneer. This kid was bullied day in and day out for not having a dragon egg like the rest of the kids in the family. He recognized very early on that he was going to have to go out and get what he wanted. I always carried that around with me in season two.

So he ended up claiming the largest, baddest, oldest dragon in the known world in Vhagar. She’s so enormous, she can’t fit within the confines of any castle wall. Aemond is able to identify with that.

How so? The bullying didn’t make him feel smaller?

It’s the story of the underdog. I have this theory that it’s not so much the person who claims the dragon, it’s the dragon who claims the person as well. I don’t believe Vhagar is someone you just stumble upon. Although Aemond had to seek her out, she must have seen something in him that he himself hadn’t seen yet.

Aemond’s the kid who held on. When he realized he wouldn’t get a dragon egg like the rest of the kids, he held on. When he was bullied for being different, for not having a dragon of his own, he held on. And when Vhagar took off over the beaches of Driftmark in episode seven, he held on tighter than he’d ever done before. I don’t know if any of the other characters would have held on as strongly, because they were gifted dragons when they were kids.

It’s a tremendous feat of courage to approach Vhagar. That’s one of Aemond’s redeeming qualities: He possesses a drive. Maybe that kid is still underneath that manufactured exterior.

Source: Vulture

As you can see, there is a lot of symbolism in this relationship, i.e., why Aemond had to end up with Vhagar. It wasn’t just a narrative thing, it also has a lot of meaning for Aemond as a character and explains multiple segments of his character development.

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