EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lou Ferrigno Jr. Reveals Which Universe He Likes More – Marvel or DC?

Lou Ferrigno Jr. Reveals Which Universe He Likes More - Marvel or DC?

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Lou Ferrigno Jr., known colloquially as “The Son of the Incredible Hulk”, is currently doing promotional and press work for his upcoming film, Dreamcatcher. Dreamcatcher is a mystery-horror film written and directed by Jacob Johnston that will be available On Demand and Digital from March 5th. Lou Ferrigno Jr. is among the cast of the movie and we managed to catch him during his busy schedule for a quick chat in which he has revealed several interesting details about the movie, his career and his personal life.

We discussed several different topics with Mr. Ferrigno, and among them was his involvement in the Marvel and DC Comics fictional universes, as he is one of the actors that has appeared in both universes. In 2014, he appeared as Agent Hauer in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode “The Things We Bury”, but he also has a guest role as Hourman on the CW’s show Stargirl, which is part of the DC Comics fictional universe. After discussing his role in these universes, we asked Mr. Ferrigno about his personal preferences.

FH: One more question about Stargirl you mentioned; you have now appeared in both big comic book universes – in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and DC’s Stargirl. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that you’ve been raised by the Incredible Hulk. So, which universe would you say is your favorite?

Lou Ferrigno Jr.: I love that you asked that question! Growing up, I… I… oh, I was Marvel all the way. But now, since… um… I didn’t know about Hourman, I didn’t know about many of these DC characters, but now, since I’ve been involved… um… I… I started looking more and more into it and the DC universe is so complex, there’s so… there’s so many different characters, like, there’s so many characters that I didn’t even know of.

You know, in Marvel, I know just about everyone, and I like how DC is just a little darker, that it’s a little different… um… and now, at this point in my career and my life, they’re incomparable, so I can’t even pick one, I mean, I like… I think that comic books and comic book films should be darker and should be a little more eerie than the glow of, you know, like a good, happy comic book movie, I think they should all be a little bit more intense.

I’ve always been attracted to stuff like that… um… so it’s, it’s been such a great treat to just learn more… um… and also, hopefully, Image Comics comes into play, but between DC and Marvel, I mean, at this point now… DC’s paying me so I’ll say DC.

FH: Okay, great answer! And finally, we have one more question for you. Would you like to play the Hulk one day? Or voice the character?

Lou Ferrigno Jr.: Oh my Goodness… [laughter] You know, I’ve been presented this… this question a number of times. Unfortunately, um… even if my, if I was the size of my father, um… I don’t think it could be pulled off.

I don’t know how they’re gonna… I would like to, I’m hoping for She-Hulk to be successful, but… um… even today, people ask me, like, who’s your favorite Hulk, and I’m like… well, there’s only one Hulk; it’s my father. Because, Mark Ruffalo’s not the Hulk, he’s Bruce Banner. And these actors who are playing the Hulk are getting credit for two characters.

There’s only been one person who’s done the job. So, if I… I don’t think that it could work as with him being human anymore, because, I think, with audiences, they want… you’d have to find a gigantic dude at this point, even way bigger than my father for it to be realistic… and I don’t think humans come that big in that field anymore, and for it to be believable, it would have to be CGI. I mean, I would… if I was presented with the opportunity, I would definitely consider it, considering the script, but I don’t think I would take that offer. I think, um… I think that’s for my dad.

FH: Okay, but what about voicing him, maybe?

Lou Ferrigno Jr.: That would be cool, I mean… that would be… that would be really cool and I could definitely do something along those lines. You know, I’m telling you this, but at the same time, it’s like… when the opportunity is presented, um… I mean, there is… I have a really strong affinity towards the character because he was such a part of my life growing up, um… I might say he’s, I mean… he’s… my father is the Hulk, he was the Hulk, he is the Hulk, you know… he is exactly that.

He, um… and the way he played it was… was… really allowed audiences to connect to him, like, the Hulk is supposed to be, like, smash, destroy everything, but my father decided and chose to play the character with a sensibility that was very relatable, um… we’ll see. I mean, it’d have to be something really, really special for that to be the case.

And with this, we concluded our interview with Mr. Ferrigno. There is hope for the son to step into the father’s shoes, so keep your fingers crossed.

DREAMCATCHER is available On Demand and Digital March 5th.

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