Exclusive Scoops Reveal More About Rhûn, as well as The Stranger’s and Nori Brandyfoot’s Roles in ‘The Rings of Power’ Season 2

Exclusive Scoops Reveal More About The Stranger's and Rhun's Roles in 'The Rings Of Power' Season 2

Whether you liked it or not, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power became a hit series for Amazon and it was expected that the series would be renewed for a second season, whose eight episodes will premiere later this year. The series remains one of the most talked-about events of its season, and regardless of the fact that many have voiced their concerns about the show, we have recently reported that the second season has a major battle event in store for us. But that is not all, as it seems.

Our good friends at the Fellowship of Fans fan portal are known for revealing scoops and insider information related to the franchise overall, and they have recently provided us with a series of scoops related to two characters and their roles in the upcoming second season of the show. The characters in question are The Stranger, who is one of the most interesting additions to the series in general, and Nori Brandyfoot. Also, some scoops are related to the land of Rhûn.

We know that The Stranger has been attracting attention from the start and that his identity is one of the major mysteries of the show. This is why scoops related to the character are always interesting. We will also find out more about Nori, as well as the land of Rhûn, one of the more interesting locations from the lore. Here are the scoops:

Excl: When the Stranger and Nori travel East they will encounter a “Wizard” that will help train The Stranger improving his abilities and magic making him very powerful. It is unsure yet whether this ‘Wizard’ is one of the Istari or just another ‘magical’ character.

Excl: For Rhun Amazon got special permission and access to two texts outside of the Appendices- one being from the Unfinished Tales around the Istari and consequently access to use all 5 wizards if needed. The other text they got access to is where Tolkien mentioned some of the Istari being around in the Second Age and travelling East.

Excl: “Mumakhils/ Oliphaunts are creatures internally listed in the production for #TheRingsOfPower Season 2

Excl: The Stranger is being built up to be a future major rival and enemy against Sauron in future seasons. This season is where he will learn and improve his abilities.

Source: Fellowship of Fans

As you can see, these are some truly intriguing and interesting scoops, which is why we are quite excited to read them. The season is not far from premiering, so all of this is definitely going to hype us up for what is to come later this year. Be sure to keep following us for more updates!

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