Experience the anomaly in the short SF movie ‘Irradiation’!

short SF movie Irradiation

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Today we present you an interesting short SF horror film Irradiation. Technically, this is more of a proof-of-concept, but it is interesting because of the way it was created and because of the final effect, as if it were a very expensive project, when in fact it is a personal, passionate project of the director on which he worked. most of the work.

Irradiation was written and directed by Sava Zivkovic. The project was done with the help of Unreal Engine and mocap for the characters lent their voices by Oleg Fedorov and Andrey Matveev, while Nebojsa Jez (Evgeniy), Dejan Jovanovic (Mirbek) and Lazar Djukic (Usmon) are responsible for the mocap performance.

The eerie vibe in the film is reminiscent of the Chernobyl series and leads us to a strange, inexplicable anomaly in the woods that will lead to unusual visions. With just under 10 minutes, this is one pretty mesmerizing piece. Irradiation is fantastic, and it doesn’t differ much from what we normally see in movies and on television.

A few years ago, we would have expected that this quality would require at least a small studio and/or that it would take several months of work. But instead, Zivkovic produced Irradiation in just 4 weeks. This is what virtual production makes possible. And that is exactly what we wanted to emphasize here, Zivkovic’s excellent demonstration of the potential of the technology used, not the story, which in this case is almost non-existent.

Check out below the complete short SF movie Irradiation.

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