Exploring the Future of the ‘Alien’ TV Series with Showrunner Noah Hawley

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The Alien franchise is gearing up for a new chapter with Noah Hawley’s upcoming TV series. In a world where TV shows are usually clearly marked as either limited series or ongoing sagas, the Alien prequel keeps us on our toes. Collider recently shared insights from Hawley about his vision for the series.

Hawley’s approach echoes his work on the Marvel series ‘Legion,’ which ran for three seasons. He hasn’t committed to a specific number of seasons for the ‘Alien’ prequel, but his planning process is noteworthy. Eschewing rigid outlines, he prefers an organic story development. “I just don’t necessarily know how long it’s gonna take me to get there,” Hawley remarks. His strategy involves letting the story evolve naturally, driven by creativity rather than a fixed plot.

The writers’ room is a hub of creativity, with big ideas starting to take shape on a whiteboard. Phrases like “Episode 5, this might happen” represent the kind of loose structuring that guides Hawley and his team. This approach allows for spontaneity in the writing process. However, it’s not all improvisation; there’s substantial planning, especially for incorporating elements of randomness and coincidence.


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Hawley’s desire to keep storytelling lively and unpredictable is evident. Unlike his Fargo series, which adopted an anthology format with disconnected stories, the Alien prequel seems set for a more continuous narrative. The series’ longevity will likely depend on its popularity and FX’s commitment to this sci-fi venture.

Fans of the Alien universe can look forward to a mix of mystery, discovery, and the unexpected in the upcoming series. It’s an exciting period for enthusiasts, eager to see how this iconic franchise evolves under Hawley’s imaginative direction. Stay tuned for more developments on this interstellar journey.

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