Fan-Made Naruto×Jujutsu Kaisen Crossover Is as Good as You Think It Is!

Fan-Made Naruto×Jujutsu Kaisen Crossover is as Good as You Think It Is!

Fans always like crossovers, which – whether they are official or fan-made – show us a hypothetical scenario in which our favorite characters meet our other favorite characters they would usually not meet. And while in-universe crossovers are not that uncommon, inter-universe crossovers rarely happen officially, but fans are often there to create a great crossover event that other fans can enjoy. One such recent event happened when YouTube user 牙牙的包裹 (Xiaozhangdeaoliao) combined two fights from the most recent season of Jujutsu Kaisen with some scenes from the Naruto series, creating a very believable crossover fight which we are going to show you here.

Of course, this is just a fan-made video, as there is really no chance of an official crossover between Akutami’s and Kishimoto’s series, not because the two authors would be against it, but because their universes are completely different and a crossover wouldn’t really make much sense. For example, a crossover between Jujutsu Kaisen and Bleach or Tokyo Ghoul would be imaginable, but Naruto is not really a proper candidate.

But, as we have said, this doesn’t mean that fans cannot make their own crossovers, and the video we are about to show you is a prime example of such an approach. Before we reveal more, here is the video:

The video shows Kakashi and Sakura intervening in Mahito’s fight against Nanami (and Yuji, whom Kakashi replaced in the scenes), effectively stopping Mahito from killing Nanami, as Kakashi proceeds to fight the Cursed Spirit. At the same time, Sasuke intervenes against Sukuna, who is facing the sisters and Jogo. Later, Obito is seen coming to the scene and intervening against Mahito, defeating him with ease. Also, Itachi makes an appearance against Kenjaku and Uraume, defeating the latter with his amazing powers. Ultimately, the video ends with Sukuna observing Naruto. The overall conclusion of the video is that the Naruto characters would defeat the villains from Jujutsu Kaisen with ease.

As stated, this was an unofficial, fan-made video so there won’t be a follow-up story to this, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep following us, as we are going to bring you all the updates related to both Jujutsu Kaisen and Naruto!

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