Fans Believe that Akutami’s New Gojo Manga Drawing Foreshadows the Character’s Return

Fans Believe that Akutami's New Gojo Manga Drawing Foreshadows the Character's Return

The supposed death of Satoru Gojo in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, which happened during his fight against Sukuna, has been one of the hottest topics on the Internet, as even non-fans knew that Gojo had seemingly died. Why seemingly? Well, we have written about it extensively back then and in light of the new revelation that Gojo’s body was taken somewhere by Ui Ui, and that all those taken by Ui Ui ended up returning completely healed, the old anime rule – a character is not dead until he is confirmed to be dead – is definitely worth considering.

And while fans have been discussing Gojo’s potential return at length, despite all the evidence pointing to his inevitable return at a later point, this has yet to happen in the series, as the manga continues on without Gojo. But, with the upcoming release of Volume 26 of the manga, Akutami has released a new drawing of Gojo specifically for that issue, which had fans excited.

In case you haven’t seen it already, we have it here for you, as you could have expected, so please – take a look:

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Now, this doesn’t mean much in that aspect, as it is just a drawing of Gojo with his eyes open, but many fans thought that Akutami was actually foreshadowing Gojo’s return with this drawing. Still, there are several issues with this.

Namely, Volume 26, which is set to be released on April 4, 2024 in Japan, will collect characters that have already been published. It is titled “Heading South” (Japanese: (みなみへ Minami e), and it will actually contain the chapters showing Gojo’s supposed death at the hands of Sukuna. This illustration, while new, could simply be a part of a battle and not a foreshadowing, since there have been numerous chapters after Gojo’s supposed death and these won’t be collected in this volume, but rather in Volume 27, when it comes out, probably later this year.

This means that Akutami’s drawing would have to be foreshadowing something that hasn’t even been seen in the chapters published so far, let alone in those collected in Volume 26, which makes the revelation unlikely. But, with a new chapter coming out this week, it could be that the illustration was taken from the upcoming chapter, i.e., that Akutami is foreshadowing something from Chapter 256. This would be highly unlikely, but not impossible if you ask us.

And while Gojo’s return seems inevitable from a rational standpoint, Gege Akutami is an author who has been known to make and stick to some pretty irrational decisions, regardless of how they will influence the plot of the manga. In that aspect, Gojo’s return might never happen and Akutami might just leave his death like that, which would make it one of the worst manga deaths in history and one of the series’ poorest moments.

This is why we, and many fans as well, are hopeful that Gojo will return; he doesn’t have to survive until the end, but such an epic and important character definitely needs a proper send-off, if he has to die. Be that as it may, Volume 26 is out on April 4 and the new chapter is out next Sunday, with the leaks appearing sooner, so be sure to keep following us for more updates!

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