‘Fantastic Beasts 3’: Jude Law Confirms the Release Date of the Newest Trailer

fantastic beasts 2

Harry Potters prequel series Fantastic Beasts  3 was originally scheduled to premiere in November 2021, but was pushed back mostly because of the coronavirus pandemic, but also the fact that Johnny Depp was let go from the role of dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, due to unfortunate controversy surrounding his personal life. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is now set to arrive in theaters this April and Jude Law, who appears in the role of young Dumbledore, shared some exciting info in the new video.

The Secrets of Dumbledore will continue the story of a conflict between Grindelwald’s army and the forces of good and will see the returns of several franchise players, including Katherine Waterston, Dan Folger, Alison Sudol, Callum Turner, William Nadylam, and Ezra Miller. The first trailer for the movie was released in December, and now Law has confirmed that the latest Secrets of Dumbledore trailer debuts this Thursday, February 24.


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In the video posted on the official Fantastic Beasts social media account, Law also invited fans to “join Dumbledore’s first army”, that is, to “have all your favorite cosplay, fan art, tattoos, and quotes and bask in anything Dumbledore related”.

With The Crimes of Grindelwald being the worst-reviewed Harry Potter movie yet and J.K. Rowling remaining a controversial figure due to her disagreements with LBGT community, the franchise is still on thin ice and it is unpredictable how the new movie will be received. It is, however, highly anticipated despite it all – just as anything Harry Potter related always is.

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