‘Fast X’: 8 Mind-Blowing Unpopular Opinions on Reddit

Jokob Dom and Ramsay in Fast X

Having hit nearly hit the $1 billion mark, Fast X is undoubtedly one of the biggest movies of 2023. A huge global following quickly followed the film’s success at the box office as it hit streaming platforms. However, many viewing hours and a high IMDB score don’t necessarily mean everyone is happy with the blockbuster. Some fans went to message platforms, including Reddit, to air their displeasure with certain aspects of Fast X.

The high-octane action was, as expected, bound to get lots of criticism, especially from new fans, although some Redditors took that a whole level higher. From complaining about headaches from the roaring engines to those unhappy with Gisele’s return, the threads were not short of interesting dissenting opinions. Here is a look at Reddit’s eight most mind-blowing dissenting opinions about Fast X.

1. The movie has no ending

Dante VS Dom Fast X Poster

“…it doesn’t feel like it has an ending. While Infinity War ends in a weird way, it at least feels like a conclusion to a movie. This movie feels unfinished, in my opinion…”

Hpmesing said. In their opinion, the entire two-hour stretch of the movie was just used to set up for the next Fast X movie, making it boring.


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Their disappointment is justified to a large extent because Fast X introduced so many storylines without concluding any of them. While it is obvious that Universal used Fast X to introduce the trilogy that concludes the series, it needed to have some independence in terms of the storyline. Hopefully, the next installment of Fast X will conclude a lot more stories.

2. How did Dante drain the bank accounts like that?

Ramsay and Han in Fast X

“How … was he just able to drain their bank accounts like that?? That’s the most advanced coding I’ve ever seen,”

Another Redditor lamented regarding the scene where the group just loses their 20-year savings in one second. Their comment insists that Fast X just ignored reality too much for some people’s liking.

While ignoring the laws of physics is expected in Fast & Furious, other aspects of the real-life need to get a lot more respect than they do. The writing, therefore, gets lots of criticism for how easily it ignores basic tenets of life. Surely 20 years of hard-earned money can’t be wiped out of everyone’s account so quickly. However, that single scene doesn’t destroy the rest of the movie’s rich entertainment.

3. They killed off John Cena to make space for The Rock

Jon Cena and Doms son in Fast X

Dwayne Johnson solving his differences with Vin Diesel and rejoining Fast & Furious just after the release of Fast X hasn’t aged well with man fans.

“John Cena was killed so The Rock can come back. They probably can’t afford to pay both. Also, John Cena can act better than Vin…”

Hitworm said on their thread.

Jacob was one of the most interesting characters in Fast X, so fans being frustrated by his death is to be expected. Dwayne Johnson’s return to the franchise is also welcome news, although a confrontation between him and John Cena would have made the next installment even more interesting. However, as Gisele has proved, the dead can still rise in Fast & Furious.

4. Every villain eventually joins Dom’s family

Cipher and Dom in Fast X

“I hate that almost every villain becomes a member of the family, we need a true villain that they kill at the end of the movie,”

Another Redditor said. Their comments are obviously related to Cipher also joining Dom’s family as Shaw and other villains did in the past. Cipher’s performance was one of the best in the movie, and most fans would agree that it was high time she partnered with Dom.


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It is important to remember that Dom’s family is not made up of saints, so painting it as the ultimate good guys is a mistake. Mistakes, forgiveness, and second chances are the virtues that build the family, which is why the franchise never fully writes off any of its villains. However, Dante is unlikely to join the family, so fans can rest easy.

5. The movie is too Vin-Diesel centered

Dom in Fast X

“…this movie was now even more Vin diesel focused than the last outing F9. I feel like it’s getting extremer with every sequel, and he’s making sure that this is his world and the others are just in it…”

Wordpowerful said. Now, while Vin Diesel’s performance in Fast X isn’t the best, the entire franchise is his world.

Since the first movies, everything about the franchise revolved around Dom, and the friends he keeps are just supporting characters. However, many fans argue that his dominance over the other characters in the show makes them almost invisible, which is true. Vin Diesel should probably give more control to those around him to give all the characters a voice.

6. Dante looks likeThe Joker/Negan

Dante in Rome

” Mamoa is basically a joker/negan/Jack sparrow mash up in this movie. It sucked,”

One Redditor lamented regarding Dante’s free-spirited style of villainy. Dante overly enjoys being the villain in the movie because every time he beats Dom, he celebrates it like a baby. While some fans found it boring, others actually enjoyed it.

“He’s giant Dudebro Joker instead of another Bond Villain. He’s actually fun to watch,”

JC-Ice said on the same thread, supporting Dante’s annoying celebration of Dom’s suffering. Dante is the exact opposite of Dom because he doesn’t seem to take the whole thing too seriously, and many fans would argue that it makes the movie more entertaining to watch.

7. No one seems to really die in the franchise

Gal Gadon as Gisele in a Submarine in Fast X

“What amazes me is that Han was killed in Furious 7, and they brought him back in F9. Gisele was dead in Fast and Furious 6, but they brought her back in Fast X…”

A Redditor expressed their disappointment at Fast X’s most interesting plot twist. No one expected Gisele to return, but it is also fair to say her return was a huge relief.


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She only survived a fall, which is a pretty low standard compared to what other characters have survived in the franchise. Letty being alive should actually be more worrying than Gisele surviving. However, their comments are valid because death will lose meaning in the franchise if everyone eventually returns.

8. Jason Momoa saved the movie

Jason Momoa Fast X 1

“Super fun movie. Best since 5. Jason Momoa’s back must hurt carrying the movie what a great villain. His performance was a shot of adrenaline this series needed to go out with a bang,”

Csantiago said. Their comments were backed by many fans who believe Momoa brought the change in mood that the franchise has needed for so long.

It is still unfair to say that he was the only good thing about Fast X because other characters, including John Cena, put in very transformative performances. The writing wasn’t the best, especially compared to Fast 5,6&7, but Fast X still had lots of stellar performances. Jason Momoa’s performance in the movie has to be ranked as one of the best, if not the best.

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