Fede Alvarez’s New Alien Film Bridges the Gap Between Iconic Franchise Installments


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Fede Alvarez is bringing something fresh to the Alien franchise with his upcoming movie, potentially titled “Alien: Romulus.” This film is set to be a captivating bridge between the classic films Alien and Aliens. In an engaging talk with Variety’s Michaela Zee, lead actress Cailee Spaeny shared some intriguing insights about the project.

Spaeny, who has a diverse portfolio, including the Priscilla Presley biopic “Priscilla” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” is excited about her return to sci-fi. She mentioned the unique experience of working with the original team from James Cameron’s Aliens. These are the same craftsmen who built the iconic xenomorphs. For Spaeny, working alongside these legends, who have dedicated over four decades to the Alien saga, is an incredible journey. She enjoys the shift from glamorous roles to the challenging, action-packed realm of sci-fi.


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The storyline of Alvarez’s film, written in collaboration with Rodo Sayagues, promises a fresh perspective. It moves away from the familiar corporate, militaristic, and scientific settings of the previous films. Instead, we’re transported to a distant world where a group of young people face the deadliest creature in the universe – the Xenomorph. This shift to a younger cast on a remote colony adds a new dynamic to the series.

This new addition to the “Alien” saga, set for release on August 16, 2024, intrigues fans with its potential connections to the events on LV-426, as depicted in Aliens. There’s a sense of continuity and novelty as Alvarez explores this untold chapter.

Joining Spaeny in the cast are talented actors like David Jonsson, Isabela Merced, Archie Renaux, Spike Fearn, and Aileen Wu. Each brings their unique flair to this thrilling venture.

Originally intended for Hulu, similar to the “Predator” series addition “Prey,” plans shifted towards a theatrical release. This change emphasizes the film’s anticipated impact, promising a cinematic experience that fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting.

Produced by Ridley Scott through Scott Free and brought to us by Momentum and 20th Century Studios, Fede Alvarez’s Alien movie is not just a continuation but a revitalization of a beloved series. It’s a blend of legacy and innovation, setting a new course for the Alien universe.

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