First Kill Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, & More

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Netflix’s newest fantasy series comes in the form of First Kill, which tells the story of a forbidden love between a vampire and a vampire hunter. The series has become a hit among vampire drama and LGBTQ fans worldwide because of how it hits the right notes in terms of those genres. However, as season 1 of the series ended, fans are now wondering if a second season is on its way. So, will there be a First Kill season 2, and when will it be released?

As of this writing, Netflix is yet to renew First Kill for a second season as the streaming giant usually gives a series a month before deciding to renew it. And if it is going to be renewed, it might be possible for us to see First Kill season 2 as early as June 2023, depending on the production. 

It is quite rare for Netflix to renew a series for a second or third season quite early in the life of the show because the streaming giant tends to be judicious when it comes to its decision regarding the status of a series. That said, First Kill isn’t different from the other Netflix series because it needs to prove itself first before it can get a second season. Still, let’s look at what we know.

First Kill Season 2 Release Date

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One of the most intriguing shows that you can find on Netflix today is First Kill because of how it explores the vampire drama genre and the LGBTQ theme well enough for fans of those elements. The series tells the story of a Romeo and Juliet kind of love in the fact that it narrates how two different worlds collide in a forbidden love story.

Basically, First Kill follows the story of two queer teenagers who both belong in different worlds. The first one is a vampire, while the other one belongs to a clan of vampire hunters. Both of them are women, as we both see forbidden love in all of its aspects in this story. That is where the entire narrative of First Kill focuses, but there are other subplots hiding under the greater plot in this series.

First Kill has become a favorite for those who can’t get enough of vampire love stories and for those who love shows that explore the LGBTQ theme. But, considering that the series only has eight episodes, there were a lot who were able to binge through the first season during the first few days since its release. As such, there are those who are wondering if there is a second season.


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As of this writing, Netflix is yet to release any information regarding the status of a second season for First Kill. Usually, the streaming giant allows its shows to mature for a period of four weeks before deciding whether or not they are worth a renewal. Of course, the numbers behind the traffic of the series tend to be much more important than what the critics are saying, as Netflix decides whether or not to renew a series based on how many people watched it in a four-week span since its release.

Only a few Netflix originals tend to get renewed quite early, especially if those series were able to prove how good they are before they even get to the usual four-week maturity period that most other shows are given. But, from what we’ve seen, First Kill is not one of the series given a renewal quite early in its lifespan.

In that regard, we don’t know whether or not there will be a second season of First Kill because Netflix hasn’t renewed or canceled it yet. It might be possible that we will get word regarding its status sometime in the next few weeks.

Nevertheless, if Netflix did indeed decide to renew First Kill for a second season, there is a good chance that season 2 will arrive as early as June of 2023, depending on how long production will take. It is possible that the writers have already written their ideas for the plot of season 2, and that means that the season 2 production might be faster compared to the first season. But it is also possible that season 2 will arrive later in 2023 as it could arrive in the second half of the year.

First Kill Season 2 Cast

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Of course, it is expected that Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis will return in a possible season 2 to reprise their roles as Juliette and Calliope, respectively. That’s because there was a cliffhanger at the end of the first season, as we are all expecting a peaceful resolution to their relationship.

Of course, here are some of the other characters we are expecting to return for a possible season 2:

  • Gracie Dzienny as Elinor
  • Dylan McNamara as Oliver
  • Aubin Wise as Talia
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot
  • Will Swenson as Sebastian
  • Jason Robert Moore as Jack
  • Dominic Goodman as Apollo
  • Walnette Marie Santiago as Carmen
  • Jonas Dylan Allen as Ben Wheeler

First Kill Season 2 Plot

At this point, anything can happen in season 2 because of the fact that we don’t know anything about its possible plot. But there is a good chance that the series will proceed from where we left off in the first season, especially after the intense break-up between the two main characters. 

The fact that Juliette turned Calliope’s brother into a vampire by accident should be something that the series will try to explore in the second season. And it is quite possible that the next season will show us some breathing room between the two star-crossed lovers due to the events of the first season.


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Meanwhile, a second installment for the series will surely allow us to see Calliope’s brother Theo’s life after transformation as he now has to deal with the fact that he is a vampire, which is the very same creature that killed his mother. This will allow us to see how he would deal with the fact that he is now something that he hated throughout his entire life. 

Of course, there is also the fact that we want to see more of Juliette and Calliope as individuals and not as a pair. The second season might explore their characters developing into better people before they finally find their way to one another again.

First Kill Season 2 Trailer

As of this writing, the second season for First Kill is yet to be renewed, and that means that production hasn’t even started. Because production hasn’t started, there is no trailer for season 2, considering that the trailer relies on the clips taken from the second season. But we’ll keep you updated in case the trailer for First Kill season 2 drops.

Will There Be A First Kill Season 3?

It is tough to say whether or not First Kill will have a third season, considering that a second season is still questionable. That means that everything hinges on the fate of season 2. So, if Netflix did indeed decide to renew First Kill for a second season, the possibility of a third season will rely entirely on the performance of season 2.

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