‘Flux Gourmet’ Teaser: Peter Strickland’s Movie Starring Asa Butterfield and Gwendoline Christie Set to Premiere on February 11

flux gourmet

Peter’s Strickland, a movie director whose unique style earned him praise amongst the critics and movie lovers, especially in 2014 when his erotic drama The Duke of Burgundy was released, made his fifth feature – Flux Gourmet.

Although “visually ravishing, emotionally wise, and kinky as a coiled rope” was The Hollywood’s Reporter’s way of describing The Duke of Burgundy, the description may as well be applied to all of his movies. They are individual and distinctive, but all of them bear the recognizable Strickland’s stamp which can hardly be missed- and Flux Gourmet is no exception.

The movie is set in an institute devoted to culinary and alimentary performance where a group of people find themselves caught up in their own power struggles, vendettas and gastrointestinal problems. Once again, Strickland illustrates an enclosed world, with his characters deeply immersed in their passions.


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The movie is often described as a “gastronomic satire”, which may sound odd to anyone unfamiliar with Strickland’s work. To the rest, this kind of innovative, peculiar sub-genre is exactly what they would expect.

Asa Butterfield, Gwendoline Christie and Ariane Labed star in the movie, which will premiere on Frebruary 11 in Berlin’s International Film Festival. Strickland’s classic avant-garde narrative, eerie atmosphere, brilliant visual style and captivating music are already announced in the teaser.

You can watch it here.