Franky Franklin in Spy × Family: Meet the Man with the Square Face!

Franky Franklin in Spy × Family: Meet the Man with the Square Face!

With SPY×FAMILY continuing to dominate the otaku community as one of the biggest shows in recent years, the interest in the show and its character is continuing to grow rapidly. In order to acknowledge the series’ popularity, we at Fiction Horizon have decided to talk about one of the show’s most important, yet recurring characters – Franky Franklin. You’re going to find out everything about “the Man with the Square Face” in this article!

Franky Franklin is an informant who seemingly works at a tobacco store as a front. He gets information regarding Eden Academy’s exam and Anya Forger’s past records for Loid Forger. Franky Franklin is an exceptionally skilled spy and is one of the most important background characters in the whole series, his expertise being crucial for a lot of in-series developments.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the character of Franky Franklin, as we are going to tell you about him and his role in the SPY×FAMILY manga and anime. You’re going to find out all the details about him, as well as the his story in the SPY×FAMILY series. Be careful, though, as we are going to reveal a lot of spoilers in the upcoming paragraphs.

Who is Franky Franklin?

Franky is an informant who apparently works at a tobacconist and presumably works for Loid Forger’s agency. He obtains information about the Eden Academy exam and Anya Forger’s previous records for Loid Forger. Not much is known about Franky’s past, except that he works at a tobacconist which he uses as a false front for being a WISE informant.

Franky is an extraordinarily impressive informant, being able to access a vast amount of highly secure information without being caught or noticed by the SSE, having accessed and copied a large pile of personal documents relating to information about single women in the city, as well as getting the answers to an Eden Academy exam.

Franky is a man with a square face, round eyes and a snub nose. He has long black permed hair with a short goatee. He usually wears a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up with black suspenders and a red tie. He wears thick red framed glasses and an earring in his left earlobe.

Loid visits Franky, explaining that he was late because he had to lock Anya inside the apartment with Franky hoping he wouldn’t be reported for child abuse. Franky then hands him the form, an entrance exam appointment, and a copy of the test. He also tells Loid that he’s done some research on Anya’s past and there are no birth records or anything on her from over a year ago.

Franky jokes that since she’s been given many names while being adopted and returned, she’s perfect for Loid. As Loid leaves, Franky warns him not to get attached as it never ends well. Realizing he needs a wife for the interview, Loid calls Franky and disguises him as a woman, but since he doesn’t look good, he blames Franky for his body proportions.

Later, Franky copies all of City Hall’s single women’s files and gives them to Loid. On Saturday, Loid is given a side mission to retrieve some stolen antiques and decides to take Franky with him. Franky explains that this is not his area of ​​work and that Loid had maximized his credit with him, but Loid comments that the antiques are very valuable and if one or two go missing, it will go unnoticed.

Hearing this, Franky quickly accepts the mission and they go and manage to retrieve the antiquities. Upon learning that Anya has been accepted, Franky goes to their house to celebrate. As they eat and drink, Franky tells Anya that Loid is going to buy her something as a reward, but Anya wants to be rescued in a castle. Franky takes her side and convinces Loid to rent a castle, otherwise Anya won’t go to school.

At the castle, Anya wants Loid to save her from the evil boss Franky. Franky takes on the role and calls “Yorticia”, the deadliest witch to stop “Loidman”. Being drunk, Yor seriously attacks Loid, but her healing is interrupted and she falls asleep. Franky tries to stop Loidman on his own, but is easily knocked out by him.

Franky is a friendly person who is ready to help Loid when he is in trouble, even if the danger is great. He frequently warns Loid Forger not to get too close to others in their work. He frequently falls in love with other women, but his love life usually falls apart due to a lack of mutual interest or because they are already dating someone else. He is instead motivated by money as he is willing to do Loid a favor as long as Loid promises to give him material goods when he was previously reluctant to do so or the situation is extremely dangerous.

How are Franky and Loid connected? How did Loid first meet Franky?

Franky acts as Loid’s informant in the series and he provides him with most of the vital information and goods he needed for his undercover missions (he is somewhat similar to Q from the James Bond series). The two of them appear to be generally friendly with each other, although it is not known how Loid first met Franky in the series; in fact, Twilight has known Franky longer than nearly anyone else alive, meeting him when they were soldiers on opposite sides in the war.

What was Franky’s first appearance in SPY×FAMILY?

Franky has been around since the very beginning of the series. As far as the manga is concerned, he made his debut in Chapter 1, titled MISSION: 1, which debuted in bookstores and online on March 25, 2019. This was the introductory chapter, so it doesn’t reveal much, but that was, kind of, our expectation.

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As for the anime, Franky also appeared in the very first episode of the anime series, which premiered on April 9, 2022. This also makes sense, since they wanted to keep the adaptation as authentic as possible.

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