‘Freaky Friday 2’ in the Works, Lee Curtis and Lohan “in Talks” to Return

'Freaky Friday 2' in the Works, Lee Curtis and Lohan "In Talks" to Return

It’s 2003 again. Lindsay Lohan is one of the most popular, but also controversial young stars, with her private life possibly being more interesting than her work. Jamie Lee Curtis, on the other hand, is a well-established star who had a breakout role in Carpenter’s Halloween. The two of them are united in Disney’s Freaky Friday, directed by Mark Waters. The movie premiered on August 6, 2003, and became both a critical and commercial success, earning a cult following in the upcoming decades.

Now, twenty years after the premiere, in May 2023, Disney announced that a sequel – Freaky Friday 2 – was in the works and we finally have some great casting updates related to the sequel, as both Lohan and Lee Curtis are seemingly coming back for the sequel.

On top of that, Nisha Ganatra, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker who has worked on numerous television series, has been hired to direct the sequel. And while both actresses are still officially “in talks” to reprise their roles as Tess and Anna Coleman, sources confirm that this is more or less a done deal and that Freaky Friday 2 will see the return of both of these actresses.

Curtis has been having a string of success lately, winning her first Oscar for her supporting role in Everything Everywhere All at Once, while Lohan has acted in several projects, but has not landed a major role in a long time. This film could potentially revive her career and we could be seeing more of the former teen star in the future.

The whole franchise is based on the children’s novel of the same name written by Mary Rodgers and centers around the themes of parents and children switching bodies. The first movie adaptation was released on December 17, 1976, with several iterations and adaptations made later on. The 2003 movie was a sort of reboot for the franchise, and it was the fifth film overall in the series.

There is currently no release window for the movie, but aside from the director and main actresses, we know that Elyse Hollander is currently attached as the writer. Be sure to keep following us for more information in the future.

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