Frieren: Magical Wire & Its Powers Explained!

Frieren: Magical Wire and Its Powers Explained!

Magic is a very important part of the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End lore. The titular protagonist of the series, Frieren, is a mage, and after the fall of the Demon King, she continued her journey to collect spells from all around the world, as that was her hobby. Now, you can understand that magic is quite important for the world of Frieren. Still, in this article, we will not discuss that on a general level, as the focus of the article will be a specific spell that was used by Draht, which was named the Magical Wire spell and which was described as one of the most powerful demonic spells known. In this article, you are going to find out all about it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Magical Wire is a spell used by Demons that is, according to its user, Draht, one of the most powerful demonic spells in existence.
  • With it, the user can create an exceptionally powerful wire that is purple.
  • Multiple wires can be created and operated at the same time.

Draht was a skilled assassin, but even his Magical Wire was no match for Frieren

When Frieren, Fern, and Stark came to Granat’s town, they soon encountered Lügner and his party, consisting of Draht and Linie. Not long after Frieren was imprisoned, Draht set out, all by himself, to the dungeons to kill her. Why? Well, his master, Lügner, said that she was the only threat to their plan of tricking Granat into lowering the town’s defenses so that Aura and her army could break in and kill them all, so Draht took it upon himself to eliminate her, falsely believing that he was powerful enough to kill her.

He proved that he is, in fact, a highly strong and talented assassin, as he said to Frieren, by effortlessly slicing off the guard’s head when he suddenly appeared in front of him in the dungeons. He then made his way to Frieren and told her that he came to kill her, as she was a threat to their plan and to his master, Aura the Guillotine.


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Rather than finding this amusing, Frieren asked him if he was certain about doing this, as she was very strong; when he asked if she meant that she was stronger than him, her answer shocked him—she was, as she stated, much more powerful than even Aura the Guillotine. Draht was not amused either, and he soon proceeded to fight her, showing a purple wire that soon wrapped itself around Frieren’s neck and raised her up, as it was wrapped around a wooden beam.

Draht explained to Frieren, although she soon realized it herself, that he was using Magical Wire, one of the most powerful demonic spells. As far as we could see in the episode, Magical Wire allows the user to create one or multiple wires that are seemingly unbreakable; Frieren herself said that there was nothing she could do about the wire and created a mana barrier around her neck that stopped the wire from cutting her head off.

Still, Draht was sure he would be able to break through her barrier and decapitate her, although he failed to realize just how powerful Frieren was and that she could kill him without breaking the wire. This is also the same technique he used to kill the guard, proving that he is an exceptionally skilled assassin and a powerful demon, as a spell that even Frieren couldn’t annul certainly had to be powerful.


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But, as we’ve said, the Magical Wire wasn’t useful to Draht. He was able to have Frieren under his control, but she was able to slice off his arm and then tackle him, making him incapable of fighting. She then proceeded to kill him and left her cell, which was the end for him. But, thanks to that, we were at least able to find out more about the Magical Wire, which is an interesting spell without a doubt.

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