Fruits Basket Prelude Movie Release Date and Details

Fruits Basket manga series was first adapted into anime in 2001, while the story was once again revisited from a different perspective in 2019. Fruits Basket 2001 had only one season with a comical and humorous approach to the otherwise serious and dramatic story. The version of the series that debuted in 2019 with season one, lasted for another two seasons. The first and the second season had 25 episodes each, with season 3 featuring only 13 episodes.

The 13th episode aired in June 2021 after which Fruits Basket movie was announced. The movie will pose as a prelude to the story that was described in the manga series as well as in the three seasons of the 2019 Fruits Basket series. The three seasons adapted all the 28 chapters of the story, putting an end on this dramatic plot. In case you didn’t watch Fruits Basket, the story is following an orphan, Tohru Honda the cursed life of the family of her classmate as she moves in with them.

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The second version of the series that aired from 2019 to 2021 takes away the humor that was somewhat in the focus in the first adaptation of the manga in 2001 that only had one season. If you liked the anime series, you are surely eager to see the prelude of the story that will be adapted into a feature film. The feature film is set to premiere on February 18th, while the screenings in Japan will last until March 4th. The first viewers of the movie will also get a bonus booklet with 20 pages until supplies last.

The booklet will contain 16 pages of the original prelude story that will be also featured in the movie. The prelude story will show what happens to Kyo and Tohru after the series, continuing their story after the curse have been removed.    

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