Funimation Casts YouTuber/Musician Corpse Husband in TV Anime ‘Tribe Nine’ Dub

On Sunday, February 7, Funimation announced that they cast YouTuber/musician Corpse Husband for the TV anime Tribe Nine’s English Dub. This is Corpse’s voice acting debut, and he will be playing Ojiro Otori. The anime is currently on air and premiered on January 10. 

Corpse Husband is well-known for his distinct lowpitched bass voice. Up until now, his fans and viewers don’t know what he looks like as he streams without a face cam. His voice became his trademark and set him apart from other YouTubers and streamers. 

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Some of the other cast members Funimation chose for the English Dub for Tribe Nine are Jacob Hopkins as Shun Kamiya, Casey Mongillo as Haru Shirokane, Philip Sacramento as Taiga, and a whole lot more. 

Tribe Nine is a sports anime written by Michiko Yakote. The story is set in a dystopian Neo-Tokyo filled with unruly teens. These teenagers banded together to create Tribes. In an attempt to contain the violence caused by these Tribes, the government created games to fix conflicts. The sport chosen for these games is non-other than baseball. 

Check out the 2nd PV of Tribe Nine to get a feel of the anime: 

More information will be released regarding the dub in the coming days. In addition, if you want to keep up to date with the TV anime currently airing in Japan, you can follow the official Twitter account of Tribe Nine or check out their official website

Source: Funimation

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