Gal Gadot and Director Patty Jenkins are Already Revealing What to Expect in ‘Wonder Woman 3’

Gal Gadot and Director Patty Jenkins are Already Revealing What to Expect in ‘Wonder Woman 3’

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Wonder Woman 1984 is coming to theaters this week and to HBO Max (a little later than we’d like), and although Warner Bros. at this stage really can’t achieve anything but a loss, the studio still wants Wonder Woman 3. They believed the sequel would make a billion dollars at the world box office, but this is far from a normal year and it seems the movie won’t be even close to the expectations.

They can at least try to get their money back, of course, and if nothing else, it looks like Wonder Woman 1984 will get a lot of new subscribers to the HBO Max streaming service.

It’s hard to say whether Patty Jenkins will decide to return to the franchise given some recent comments, but Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, hopes the next film will move into the present.

“I think the present is the real thing,” the actress told MTV News when asked about Jenkins ’past comments to which Wonder Woman 3 would move in the present. “I wouldn’t like the 60s or 40s with Wonder Woman. I feel like the past has been well endured and now is the time to move on. ”

The director of the first two WW films pointed out that the third film must have an absolute cinema release in order for her to return to the director’s chair for threequel.

“We’ll see what happens,” Jenkins said. “I do not know. I know I would love to do a third film as well if the circumstances were okay and that a cinematic release model was still possible. I don’t know if I would if it wasn’t.” Jenkins has previously stated that she is “not sure” whether she will move on in the project, despite the fact that she has already come up with its story.

There are certainly more stories that could be told with the Amazon Warrior in the past, but after seeing her association with the Justice League and becoming a publicly recognized hero, it’s about time she came out of hiding. Unfortunately, it seems we will have to wait for a while to see it.

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