‘Gen V’ Proves Homelander Has More Power Than You Think

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If there’s one thing that we know about the world of ‘The Boys,’ it’s that Homelander is the strongest being in the world and is almost impossible for any normal human or supe to challenge. While he is already as strong as he is, the events of ‘Gen V’ prove that Homelander has more power than we thought. So, how is it that Homelander is more powerful than he already was?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Homelander’s speech in season 3 of ‘The Boys’ opened a lot of eyes and inspired supes and other people to rally behind him.
  • As such, Homelander is now more powerful than ever as he has the backing of countless supes all over the world and has garnered supporters from normal humans who worship him.

Homelander’s speech was controversial yet effective

One of the things that we saw about Homelander during the events of season 3 of ‘The Boys’ was that he was now tired of doing things according to what Vought wanted him to do. At this point, he no longer wanted anyone to control his life and how he projected himself to the general public because playing it took a toll on him emotionally and mentally.

As such, Homelander went live on camera during his birthday celebration and told everyone the truth about who he was. He said he no longer wanted rich and influential people telling him what to do because he knew he was superior to all of them. He didn’t want anyone to tell him what to do or treat him like a puppet under their control. After all, he spent his entire life under Vought’s control, as those running this company were the ones who determined what Homelander could and could not do.

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But it already took a toll on him, so he went off to live in front of the world. Homelander told his truth and told everyone in the world that rich and powerful people also controlled everyone else, just like how they used to control him. But Homelander was done listening to them because he knew there was no reason for him to listen to people who only wanted to limit him.

While Vought spent two seasons trying to fix the damages caused by Homelander and the other supes, there was no fixing this one because Homelander told the truth to the entire world. People all over the world had mixed reactions to what Homelander said. But while that may be true, the speech was effective. It may have been controversial and problematic on the part of Vought International, but it reached the right audience.


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Many people started to understand Homelander’s point as there were also people all over the world who felt that they were being limited and controlled by rich and influential people as well. They felt the system was limiting them, just like it sought to limit Homelander. In that regard, more and more people started to support the real Homelander after he finally revealed to the entire world his true personality.

In a way, this only made Homelander more confident about himself as he could now tell the truth without worrying about whether or not Vought would try to censor him or whether or not the common people would try to cancel him. This only gave more power to Homelander, even though he was already the most powerful being on the planet.

Young supes are rallying behind Homelander

As mentioned, more and more people started supporting Homelander because he said something that many people wanted to say but never had the guts or the power to do so. In a sense, Homelander became a voice for the voiceless, as even ordinary people like Todd (Monique Milk’s new boyfriend) were now willing to rally behind him. But what made Homelander even more powerful was that he had the support of the young supes.


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During episode 7 of ‘Gen V,’ we saw that vice-presidential hopeful Victoria Neuman was on campus for an interview in front of the students of Godolkin University. While Neuman was secretly a supe, what was also true was that she was publicly against the unchecked actions of the supes. In fact, in season 3, we saw Hughie and the Boys working for Neuman when it came to neutralizing supes that had become threats to society.

So, while Neuman may have been a supe, she was also somewhat limiting the actions of other supes because she was keeping them in check. This did not sit well with the younger supes of God U because they supported Homelander and believed in what he said about the fact that no one should be able to control the supes.

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The fact that younger supes are now rallying against the government and are willing to fight for their right to be free of the control and limitations of the state is one of the effects of Homelander’s speech. In fact, during the events of season 7, one of the younger supes of God U told Sam that Homelander was right in that they shouldn’t let the rich and powerful people limit what they can do.

This means that Homelander is actually more powerful than we thought. Yes, he still has all of his standard powers and abilities. Still, he has become more influential than ever as he is now the standard bearer of the supes looking to free themselves from the control of the government and any of the other powerful bodies looking to limit the actions of the supes.


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From what we saw in the ending of episode 7 of ‘Gen V,’ this could have dire consequences as supes like Cate Dunlap and Sam Riordan will no longer allow anyone to try to suppress or control them. And this also allows us to see how powerful Homelander’s influence is.

The fact that Homelander now has the support and backing of supes and ordinary people alike would make him much harder for Billy Butcher and the Boys to kill. And there’s even a good chance that a war will eventually come at some point in the future, with Homelander leading the way for the supes who want total freedom.

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