‘Gen V’: What Did Dr. Cardosa Do To Sam & Why Is He So Dangerous?

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There are a lot of new characters in the storyline of ‘The Boys’ spinoff ‘Gen V’ s we know that this storyline revolves around a group of college students who are trying to make sense of a mysterious facility called “The Woods,” which was where Golden Boy’s younger brother Sam was being held. Of course, Sam escaped The Woods with Emma’s help but decided to go after Dr. Cardosa. So, who is Dr. Cardosa, and what did he do to Sam?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Dr. Cardosa is a doctor working for Godolkin University and is likely in charge of all of the experiments in The Woods.
  • There’s a good chance that whatever is happening to Sam is one of the effects of the experiments that Cardosa has been conducting on him in The Woods.

Who is Dr. Cardosa?

The first three episodes of ‘Gen V’ allowed us to see this spinoff’s central theme. While we know that the storyline takes place against the backdrop of a college setup, we also know that the characters of this series are trying to solve a mystery related to the death of no other than Golden Boy, who was the strongest person on campus. Golden Boy killed himself after killing Professor Brink when the latter refused to give him his younger brother Sam back from The Woods.

Then, in episode 3, we saw Andre asking Emma to help him out to see what’s up with Sam in The Woods, as she was the only one capable of infiltrating that underground hospital-like facility using her ability to shrink. Then, at the start of episode 4, we learn that Sam had escaped The Woods with Emma’s help. And the one who went to see what happened in Sam’s cell and what led to his escape was Dr. Edison Cardosa.


Of course, Dr. Cardosa has something to do with whatever is happening in The Woods, as he seems to be in charge of handling the mentally unstable and troubled supes who are kept in that underground facility. It also appears that he is the main doctor in The Woods and conducted the weird and unknown experiments on the different supes in this facility. Earlier in the series, he was the one who operated on Sam as the latter was screaming in pain and agony.


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As such, there is no doubt that Dr. Cardosa is working closely with Godolkin University and Dean Indira Shetty. But it is also likely that he reports to Vought instead of Shetty and the other administrators and staff of God U. And his role is closely related to the experimentations conducted on the supes in The Woods.

What did Cardosa do to Sam?

One of the things that were clear about Sam was that he wasn’t exactly right in the head, and he himself admitted this to be true. He often joked about his mental instability to Emma during their different conversations with one another. In the flashback scenes involving Luke and Cate, they tried their best to help Sam’s mental problems whenever he had episodes in The Woods.

Of course, in the middle of episode 4, we saw that Sam was having an episode wherein he was suffering from hallucinations while he was in pain due to the mental problems that he was suffering from. In that hallucination, he saw a TV show host telling him that the one he had to kill to get to the bottom of all his problems was Dr. Cardosa. Sam eventually agreed to what the hallucination told him so that the voices in his head would shut up.


Eventually, Sam escaped the abandoned building he and Emma hid in. He told Emma about Dr. Cardosa and how he needed to kill him. That was when Emma returned to God U to tell Marie, Jordan, and all of the other students involved in this mess that Sam was out to get Cardosa.

Sam found himself in Cardosa’s home before the doctor got there as he threatened Cardosa’s family to get to the doctor himself. But before Sam could kill Cardosa, Marie and the others arrived to try to pacify him. But he turned out to be too strong for them to handle until Emma, who had grown gigantic, pinned him down. It didn’t take too long for the scene to get cut as Marie and Jordan were seen in bed together with no recollection of what happened after they pacified Sam.


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This opens up the possibility that Cardosa was responsible for all of the messed-up things happening in Sam’s head. But there’s also a good chance that Sam was already mentally unstable even before he was taken to The Woods, and that means that Cardosa and the other doctors in The Woods were there to try to “fix” him instead of causing all of the mental problems he was suffering from. Nevertheless, the people in The Woods will likely perform various inhumane experiments to “fix” Sam’s problems.

There’s also the fact that Cardosa himself drugged Marie and all of the other students at Cardosa’s home, as he was the only one likely capable of doing so. He likely did something to them after they had already pacified Sam, and this opens up the possibility that Cardosa didn’t want any of the students to know about Sam and what he was suffering from.

We are yet to be privy to what is happening to the people in The Woods or what kind of experiments Cardosa is conducting on them. But we know for a fact that this is likely related to something psychological and mental in nature, especially on the part of Sam, who is certainly suffering from mental problems that are associated with whatever Cardosa is doing to him in The Woods. 

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