German Animation ‘Tafiti — Across The Desert’ Set for Global Spotlight

Tafiti — Across The Desert

The animation world is buzzing with excitement, and it’s all thanks to a German collaboration! Little Dream Entertainment and Tradewind Pictures are joining hands to produce an animated feature, ‘Tafiti — Across the Desert.’ Stuttgart-based Sola Media is taking the reins on launching this film at AFM.

Here’s a quick peek into the story. Imagine a young meerkat named Tafiti who befriends a bush pig called Bristles. While friendships in the desert come with challenges, Tafiti doesn’t think twice before jumping to the rescue when Bristles faces danger. Their bond strengthens when a poisonous snake bites Tafiti’s grandpa. Now, only one thing can save him – a mystical desert flower. While Tafiti believes he should venture alone, Bristles reminds him that adventures are more fun together.

This isn’t just about an exciting tale of two unlikely friends. The brains behind this project are equally compelling. The talented Nina Wels is directing, joined by animation whiz Timo Berg. Remember those catchy movies like ‘Despicable Me 3’ and Sing? Yep, that’s Timo! The producers in charge are Thomas Springer and Helmut G. Weber.


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I’ve seen several animations, but this one feels special. The focus isn’t just on delivering a thrilling story but also a tale filled with kindness and humor. Solveig Langeland, the boss at Sola Media, can’t stop gushing about it. She’s particularly impressed with the quality of animation and the attention to detail. And she isn’t the only one. I’m personally eager to see this cute meerkat and the hilarious bush pig on screen!

For those tracking industry collaborations, this isn’t the first rodeo for Sola. They’ve previously worked with Little Dream on ‘Moonbound,’ a rendition of the 1915 classic ‘Little Peter’s Journey to the Moon’ and ‘Tradewind.’ They’ve got a knack for storytelling with films like ‘Chandani — The Daughter of the Elephant Whisperer’ under their belt.

Word on the street, courtesy of Deadline, is that we can expect the film to hit the screens in 2025. And for those who can’t wait, there’s some exclusive footage being revealed in Santa Monica next week. Don’t miss it!

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