Giganotosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurs Rex: Which Apex Predator Will Win?

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Even though the Raptor has always been the flagship dinosaur of the Jurassic movie franchise, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, or simply the T-Rex, has also served as one of the faces of the franchise. However, Jurassic World: Dominion introduced a new giant dinosaur that threatened to supplant the T-Rex as the king carnivore in the form of the Giganotosaurus. So, in a fight between a Giganotosaurus and a T-Rex, which apex predator will win?

As accurately shown in Jurassic World: Dominion, the Giganotosaurus will almost always win against a Tyrannosaurus Rex because it is bigger, more massive, and has more weapons at its disposal. Nevertheless, the T-Rex does have the advantage in its bite force, but the Giganotosaurus has too many advantages over it.

The giant dinosaur battle has always been a staple in the different Jurassic movies, especially because the T-Rex isn’t the only giant carnivore that has existed on the planet. As such, the battle between the Giganotosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus was inevitable because there was only enough room for one apex predator. So, let’s look at why the Giganotosaurus will win against the T-Rex.


The biggest thing that the Giganotosaurus has going for itself is the fact that it is huge and is one of the biggest carnivorous creatures the planet has ever seen. Jurassic World: Dominion incorrectly described it as the biggest terrestrial carnivore ever because that distinction goes to the Spinosaurus. However, the Giganotosaurus is humungous because it can reach a length of 45 feet and a weight of 17,600 pounds. In that regard, its size and mass are more than enough for it to dominate the landscape.

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For a very long time, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was believed to be the biggest terrestrial carnivore the planet has ever seen until the discovery of bigger carnivores. Nevertheless, it is still incredibly huge and is one of the biggest carnivores ever because it can reach lengths of 40 feet and weighs up to 15,000 pounds. In that regard, it is incredibly big and can impose its size and mass on any smaller dinosaur with ease.


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As big as the T-Rex may be, the Giganotosaurus is just simply a lot bigger than it. The Giganotosaurus has every size advantage imaginable against the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and that may be enough for it to win a battle.

Giganotosaurus 1, T-Rex 0


As big as the Giganotosaurus may be, the fact is that it isn’t a bumbling giant. It is incredibly fast and nimble for its size because it can run at speeds of 31 miles per hour, and that means that it is quite fast for a bipedal beast. Its speed allowed it to be able to catch up to its prey with ease, especially when it was up against large herbivores that weren’t capable of running at fast speeds. You wouldn’t want a Giganotosaurus chasing after you.

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The Tyrannosaurus Rex is also an incredibly fast predator that runs on its two feet. It may be large and imposing, but it can run at speeds of 17 miles per hour. That means that a T-Rex can easily outrun a human because the average man can only run at around 8 miles per hour. This is why the characters in the Jurassic movies were never able to outrun a T-Rex that was coming after them, as this gigantic predator is quite fast.

Even though the T-Rex isn’t a slow giant, it still is a lot slower than the bigger Giganotosaurus. The Giganotosaurus’s speed might give it an edge over the Tyrannosaurus Rex, especially when mobility becomes an issue in a fight between the beasts.

Giganotosaurus 2, T-Rex 0

Bite Force And Teeth

Some of the biggest carnivores are supposed to have some of the strongest bite forces because it allows them to instantly kill their prey and even break their bones. On top of that, their teeth also allow them to deal wounds that can easily be fatal whenever they are hunting. In that regard, the Giganotosaurus has a bite force that exceeds 6,000 Newtons and has 8-inch teeth. That means that a bite from this massive creature can crush bones and deal injuries that any prey won’t be able to recover from.

The biggest asset that the Tyrannosaurus Rex has always had is its mouth because it has one of the most powerful bites in history. A T-Rex has a bite force that easily exceeds 30,000 Newtons, and that means that probably no other predator in history has the same bite force. On top of that, the T-Rex has 12-inch teeth that allow it to deal massive damage when it bites its prey, crushes its bones, and takes out a chunk of meat. In that regard, the T-Rex has one of the most fearsome mouths in history.


The Giganotosaurus has an impressive bite force that is coupled with its large teeth and big mouth. But the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the more impressive beast in terms of its bite force and teeth, as it has a bite force that is several times stronger and teeth that are at least 50% longer.

Giganotosaurus 2, T-Rex 1


The Giganotosaurus has plenty of weapons in its arsenal as it has a ton of ways to kill its target. On top of the fact that it has large serrated teeth, it has claws that it can use on its arms, even though they may be quite short. It also has a long tail that it can use to swipe its target to break its bones or take it out of commission. And the fact that the Giganotosaurus has a massive body should be more than enough for it to crush any opponent with ease.

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Arguably the biggest weapon that a T-Rex has is its mouth because one bite from this gigantic creature can crush bones or take a chunk of meat out of its prey. It also has a large body that it can use as a weapon and a tail that is long enough as well. But the fact that the T-Rex has arms that are very short and somewhat useless gives it a disadvantage whenever it cannot use its other weapons.


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The Giganotosaurus has more weapons at its disposal and is bigger, longer, and heavier than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. That’s why it barely wins this round.

Giganotosaurus 3, T-Rex 1


Any predator needs a keen sense of smell for it to spot its prey from a mile away, and that means that the Giganotosaurus has a great sense of smell that makes it an adept hunter. Its vision is also good enough for it to be able to see well at night, and that makes it a dangerous hunter at any time of the day.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, due to the possibility that it is a scavenger, also has a great sense of smell that will allow it to smell its prey or a carcass from a faraway distance. But the fact that it has great eyes that allow it to see in almost any kind of condition is that gives it a distinct advantage over any other predator. On top of that, it has a keen sense of hearing that will allow it to distinguish noises from a distance.

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It might be true that the Giganotosaurus has good senses, but the T-Rex has better vision and hearing. The Giganotosaurus probably has the better sense of smell, but it has nothing on the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s other senses.

Giganotosaurus 3, T-Rex 2

Giganotosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurs Rex: Which Apex Predator Will Win?

As you can see, the Giganotosaurus barely wins in a fight against the Tyrannosaurus Rex as it is simply the more impressive physical specimen. This was shown in Jurassic World: Dominion when the T-Rex couldn’t beat the Giganotosaurus in a one-on-one fight due to its size disadvantage over the larger predator. 

Then again, the Tyrannosaurus Rex still has the better mouth because of its incredibly powerful jaw and large teeth. As such, if the T-Rex were to find a way to get its mouth on the Giganotosaurus, it could crush bones, take a chunk out of it, or even snap its neck. But the fact that the Giganotosaurus is the larger beast gives it a distinct and clear advantage over the former king of reptilian giants.