Glow Up Games And HBO® Release ‘Insecure: The Come Up Game’

'Insecure: The Come Up Game'

Glow Up Games, an all women of color founded game studio, and HBO launch a free-to-play mobile game based on HBO® Original hit series, “Insecure”. Available now, The Come Up Game takes the world of Issa Dee and her friends and brings friendships, drama, and misadventures to life. The sneak peek of the game is now available to download in the App Store with content and feature updates scheduled throughout 2022.

“At Glow Up Games, our mission is to create innovative game stories that center black and brown joy, and as huge fans of ‘Insecure’, this could not have been a more perfect place for us to do just that,” said Dr. Mitu Khandaker, CEO of Glow Up Games.  “I’m proud of the amazing, diverse team that my cofounder Latoya Peterson and I have built together, as we endeavor to change the games industry in the way that Issa is changing Hollywood!”

“I’m excited that ‘The Come Up Game’ is finally out for fans of ‘Insecure’ to play!” said Issa Rae. “Working with the Glow Up Games team has been a great experience, as they seamlessly integrated the world of ‘Insecure’ from its characters, stories and music into a game that allows everyone to relive their favorite moments of the series.”

In the Insecure: The Come Up Game, players’ hustle, heart and hype help build a new life in LA. With Issa, Molly, Kelli, Tiffany, Lawrence, and Chad as your guides, navigate the messy business of adulting in Insecure: The Come Up Game. Based on the HBO Original hit show “Insecure”, you move to Issa’s apartment complex, meet the crew, and get a front row seat to all the drama. Issa helps you unlock the power of your mirror to craft reflective rhymes or battle friends and foes around LA through a unique new rap-based mini-game.

Featuring original compositions by noted emcee SΔMMUS and music from Issa Rae’s RAEDIO, The Come Up Game continues the world of “Insecure” – but this time, you direct your own story. Welcome to season six – starring YOU.

Features of Insecure: The Come Up Game

  • Unleash your inner rap star: Your Mirror B*tch always has your back as you hype yourself up for major events with a fast-paced rhyme and lyric mini game. Stay on beat and unlock new words to dominate your opponents at open mic. Battle local rappers at open mic night to become LA’s hottest new act.
  • Design your life: Who will you be? Select from dozens of options to fully express yourself.  Hair, accessories, and special clothing items all reflect the diversity of a life in full color.
  • Run Your City: Unlock new locations to experience custom story arcs, exclusive product drops, and special cameos. Your apartment is your self-care oasis, allowing you to reset your mood, text your squad, and recharge before more drama pops off at the club.
  • Impact Your Community: Support your friends, fight gentrification, create the culture –  dating is fun, but it’s only a part of your story.

Insecure: The Come Up Game is now available as a free to play game on the App Store,  coming soon to Google Play. For more information visit

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