Greta Gerwig’s ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Films Teased by Netflix with Upcoming Production

Chronicles of Narnia

Netflix has got fans excited with a surprise update on the much-anticipated ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ films. Greta Gerwig, the filmmaker behind hits like ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Barbie,’ is set to bring the magical world of C.S. Lewis to life once again. With the last Narnia movie released over a decade ago, Netflix is rebooting the franchise, with Gerwig at the helm for the first two films.

Scott Stuber, Head of Netflix Film, shared the news in a chat with Collider, signaling that production is aiming to start in 2024. While details on the adaptation remain under wraps, Stuber’s enthusiasm is a promising sign. Netflix is working hard to realize Gerwig’s vision for ‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ with production slated for next year.

Greta Gerwig, since her rise to fame with ‘Lady Bird,’ has established herself as a force in the industry. Despite this, she has voiced her own apprehensions about taking on such an iconic series, stating that while she’s quite nervous, she believes starting from a place of fear is good. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see how she will interpret Lewis’s timeless stories.


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Netflix’s strategy recently has been to dive into literary worlds, securing rights to big names like the C.S. Lewis Library and Roald Dahl’s works. Their acquisition of video game titles also hints at a diverse range of adaptations. They’ve already begun exploring Dahl’s universe with a short film directed by Wes Anderson featuring Benedict Cumberbatch.

The platform’s commitment to bringing classic literature to screen is clear, with Stuber hinting that more news will follow. Audiences are encouraged to keep an eye out for further announcements. In the meantime, Netflix continues to churn out original content, like the Wes Anderson-directed ‘The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,’ which fans can watch while they wait for the Narnia films.

By partnering with a talented director like Gerwig, Netflix signals a strong future for their literary adaptations. The Chronicles of Narnia project is certainly one to watch, and with Gerwig’s track record, it’s set to be an exciting new chapter for the franchise. Details may be scarce now, but with production approaching, more information will surely surface soon.

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