Filming Footage Suggests Gunn is Going for a More Classic Type of Superman Film

Filming Footage Suggests Gunn is Going for a More Classic Type of Superman Film

Superman is, as we all know, one of the best, most popular, and strongest comic book characters ever. The guy has been around since 1938 and is one of DC Comics’ biggest assets. Throughout his career, Superman has – for the most part – embodied the ideals of heroism, and his name has somewhat become a synonym for superheroism in general.

His on-screen interpretations have varied from campy to very dark and there is no fixed rule on how to interpret Superman on the big screen. We have recently reported that some filming photos that have leaked online suggest that Gunn is going to take a more classical approach, and another such video confirms it.

We don’t know if Gunn is taking a stab at Snyder’s darker Superman concept, but it seems that the new Superman will take a lot from Reeve’s era, which is definitely going to be exciting, as we are going to see a clash of two different time periods – Reeve’s more classic and somewhat campy take, with Gunn’s modern approach to movies.

The assumption we are talking about comes from a new filming video that was released on Twitter, which seemingly confirms that we are going to have some classic Superman and Lois Lane scenes akin to those in Reeve’s Superman films. Here is the video:

This video, as you can see, doesn’t reveal much, but the overall vibe of this scene reminds us of some very famous moments from Reeve’s era. When we combine this with the fact that another set leak seemingly suggests that Superman will be saving a cat from a tree, we can conclude that this is going to be a more classic approach to the story.

Whatever ultimately happens, it seems that Gunn’s Superman is going to be something different. It will definitely give a nod to Reeve’s era, but knowing Gunn’s modern approach to superhero movies, it will also be something completely new and refreshing.

Some commentators and fans have already started to compare Corenswet’s Superman to Cavill’s more favorably because we are probably looking at a more colorful and vivid Superman than the dark iteration envisioned by Snyder; if you remember, Superman broke his own rule of not killing in Snyder’s DCEU, which was a bold move, but a move that many fans did not like.

The movie is set for a 2025 release date, and we assume that we’ll know a lot more when the first trailer comes out, which might be later this year. Until then, we’ll be reporting on the set leaks as usual, so be sure to keep following us!

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