Halo Infinite Patch Improves Big Team Battle & Will Be Adding Changes To The Shop

Halo Infinite Patch Improves Big Team Battle & Will Be Adding Changes To The Shop

A developer working on Halo Infinite announces a patch that should be fixing connections with Big Team Battle and will be adding some changes to the shop.

Halo games are one of the most popular Xbox games from its start in 2001. Still, Halo Infinite, like a lot of other new games, has some problems that need fixing.

Hopefully, this patch, that should come on February 3, should be fixing some of them. That means Halo Infinite Big Team Battle playlist should be fixed soon.

Even though in the beginning, players were pretty excited about Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode, this mode had troubles with connections and keeping players on it, especially when more friends try to play together.

Developers decided to bring us some good news on Halo Waypoint Blog to let us know they are aware of the problems and that they will be addressing them soon with this patch that is just waiting for approval. As per Gamespot, the patch should be ready on February 3, if all goes well.


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Unfortunately, this is not the first time they tried to fix this problem but haven’t managed to resolve it. We do hope this patch will be successful.

Other than that, players can expect the return of the Purrfect Audio helmet, which puts ears on Halo Infinite’s Spartans. Also, changes to the shop are coming, because even the developers agreed that what we have now is not enough.

They will monitor players shopping habits during season 1 of Halo Infinite and try to make it more enjoyable for players in highly anticipated season 2.

Even though Halo Infinite has a lot to offer, players surely can’t wait for this patch and fixing the Big Team Battle playlist. We just hope this time, it will be successful and friends will be able to play together in large groups.

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