‘Harry Potter’ TV Show: Here’s Everything We Know So Far About It

‘Harry Potter’ TV Show

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Let’s dive right into the magical world of the much-anticipated ‘Harry Potter’ TV series. Fans have been buzzing about this project ever since Warner Bros. Discovery announced it. It’s a big deal for all the Harry Potter lovers out there. Here, we’re going to spill the beans on what’s known so far about this exciting new journey into the wizarding world. From the creative minds behind the series to its expected release, let’s get all caught up on the latest info.

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  • The new ‘Harry Potter’ TV series is expected to run for 10 years, each season exploring one of the seven books, with the potential to extend beyond the original framework.
  • A talented team of creators, including Martha Hillier, Kathleen Jordan, Tom Moran, and Michael Lesslie, are involved in the project, with J.K. Rowling participating as an executive producer.
  • The series is set to air around 2025/26 on the Max streaming service and will also be available to HBO cable subscribers and on Crave in Canada.

What’s the series about?

The new Max Original series is all about diving deep into the magical world of Harry Potter, just like the seven iconic books. Casey Bloys, the big boss at HBO & Max Content, promises a faithful adaptation. Imagine each season exploring one book, but here’s a twist: it’s set to run for 10 consecutive years. This longevity might extend beyond the original seven-book framework. And no, the Fantastic Beasts series won’t be part of this magical ride.

This series is like a fresh start, a new adventure in the Harry Potter universe. Fans are curious about how it will unfold and stick to the beloved source material. There’s a promise from Warner Bros. to handle this franchise with the utmost care and craftsmanship, so fingers crossed for a spellbinding experience.

Who’s behind the series?

A group of talented creators are brainstorming to bring this series to life. The lineup includes Martha Hillier, known for ‘The Last Kingdom;’ Kathleen Jordan, the brain behind ‘Teenage Bounty Hunters;’ Tom Moran, creator of ‘The Devil’s Hour;’ and Michael Lesslie, who worked on ‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.’ It’s a mix of British and American talent, each with a knack for weaving stories in the fantasy/sci-fi realm.


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These writers were handpicked by Max to pitch their unique visions for the series. The final decision on whose vision will shape the series is still up in the air. They might even meet J.K. Rowling herself in the U.K. for the next round of pitches. The anticipation is high to see whose magical touch will lead this series.

When will it air?

Set your reminders for 2025/26 because that’s when the magic starts. Warner Bros. Discovery is revamping its streaming service, now called Max, and they’re eager to get Harry Potter back in the spotlight. J.K. Rowling is also on board, especially after her production company’s financial rebound thanks to the stage success of ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ and the ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ video game.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav emphasized the importance of this project. He sees it as a golden opportunity to reinvigorate the franchise, which hasn’t seen a new Harry Potter-focused project in over a decade. So, we’re not just waiting for a TV series; we’re waiting for the revival of a global phenomenon.

How to watch the series?

When the Harry Potter series is ready to cast its spell, fans can tune in on Max. This streaming service offers different subscription tiers to suit viewers’ preferences, each with its own set of features and benefits. So, whether you’re looking for an ad-supported version or an ad-free experience, Max has got you covered.

For those who prefer traditional TV, the series will also be available to HBO cable subscribers. And it’s not just limited to the U.S.; Canadian viewers can catch the magic on Crave, thanks to a special licensing deal. This dual availability approach is similar to what we saw with the House of the Dragon series. No matter your preferred viewing method, you won’t miss out on any of the wizarding world’s new adventures.

The controversy and her influence

J.K. Rowling isn’t just the creator of Harry Potter; she’s also an executive producer for this series. Despite the controversies surrounding her, particularly her comments about the transgender community, her role remains significant. Some fans have even considered boycotting the series because of her involvement.


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But here’s the thing: ‘Harry Potter’ is Rowling’s brainchild, and she maintains a tight grip on the franchise. This means all content, including this TV series, needs her approval. Her influence is undeniable, and regardless of differing opinions, she remains a central figure in the wizarding world she created.

What sets this reboot apart?

This reboot isn’t just another run-of-the-mill series. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has revealed that it’s going to be a decade-long journey. That’s ten seasons to explore, develop, and bring new life to the Harry Potter universe. It’s a bold move, potentially offering a more detailed and faithful adaptation than the original films.

The production, under Brontë Film and TV and Warner Bros. Television, promises fresh perspectives and untold stories. With no original film actors expected to return, this series is a blank canvas for new interpretations and explorations of the Harry Potter saga. It’s not just a reboot; it’s a whole new magical realm waiting to be discovered.

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