Has ‘Loki’ Season 2 Set the Stage for ‘Avengers’ 5 & 6? Head Writer Clarifies


Loki’s journey in season 2 on Disney+ has gripped fans around the world. The looming presence of Kang the Conqueror and the tangled intricacies of the multiverse have sparked questions. The biggest one? Is this season leading us directly into the narrative of Avengers 5 & 6?

Screen Rant recently had a chat with the show’s Head Writer, Eric Martin, to shed some light on this. What he revealed might surprise many. Marvel didn’t ask the Loki team to purposely pave the way for ‘Avengers: The Kang Dynasty’ and ‘Secret Wars.’ Instead, the team had the freedom to craft their narrative. Eric’s exact words? “We’re really fortunate in that we were just siloed off and were just writing the best season of TV we possibly could.” It’s all about delivering quality.

The future of Kang in the MCU is now shrouded in uncertainty. After his debut in season 1 of Loki as the Kang variant He Who Remains and his appearance as Kang the Conqueror in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,’ Jonathan Majors faced charges of domestic violence and assault. This development raises significant questions about the direction the MCU will take with his character.


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Yet, it’s hard to ignore the subtle ties. From the very start, Loki has subtly been building bridges to the next big ‘Avengers’ chapters. Introducing the multiverse concept and giving audiences their first peek at Kang through He Who Remains were some highlights. Even the events around Victor Timely, a Kang variant, and the evolution of Loki’s time-slipping abilities hint at broader MCU connections.

Despite these hints, the show’s success isn’t just because of its MCU ties. Critics and fans alike have praised ‘Loki’ season 2 for staying true to its story. It has prioritized character growth and individual journeys as much as their collective mission to preserve the multiverse.

With the season 2 finale around the corner, there’s buzz about a direct setup for ‘The Kang Dynasty.’ Yet, the essence remains: Loki’s adventures stand strong on their own, while also harmonizing with the larger MCU tapestry.

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