Hawks vs. Twice: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Hawks Vs. Twice who would win

Because Keigo Takami, commonly known as Hawks, made it to second place on the Hero Billboard Chart at the early age of 22, it is quite obvious that he is powerful enough to match up against any villain in My Hero Academia. However, we wouldn’t want to make that conclusion yet, as Jin Bubaigawara, a.k.a. Twice, probably the League of Villains‘ most dangerous threat, cannot be overlooked. Well, if Hanks Vs. Twice are to engage in physical combat, who would win?

Hawks would defeat Twice in every single fight. His Fierce Wings gives him an incredible speed making him one of the fastest of all the heroes, if not the fastest, which Twice may not be able to match up with. However, considering some of what Twice is capable of, he could have a chance against Hawks under the right circumstances.

Like I said earlier, we don’t want to outrightly conclude who the winner would be as both characters have great abilities and if used properly under the right circumstances, it would be a very difficult battle to win. Let’s consider what both characters are capable of and their strengths and weaknesses that could tilt the victory in favor of any of the two.


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Hawks vs. Twice: Powers

Hawks’ Quirk is called Fierce Wings; as the name implies, those wings are fierce. These crimson wings are his defining characteristics and are responsible for many of his abilities and powers.

The Quirk enables him to fly, and he is also able to control each of the feathers of his wings through telekinesis. He could either harden the feathers to become blade-like in fighting an enemy or move them at incredible speeds to save citizens and animals.

Hawks is also very fast, one of the fastest fighters in the world, thanks to his Quirk, giving him an advantage over his enemies. He finishes most fights almost immediately after they begin. The wings also allow him to detect changes in air vibration, which helps him hear sounds of things happening from far distances.

The main weakness of his Quirk is that the feathers of his wings shrink smaller as he detaches them during use, making him temporarily unable to fly. And if the feathers get damaged in the process, it takes about two days to grow new ones fully. Twice could use this to his advantage, but Hawks, knowing his weakness fully well, would most likely prevent that from happening.

Twice, on the other hand, has a Quirk called Doubles, which allows him to clone anything or anyone at will upon physical contact. The interesting thing about his clones is that they also possess the same Quirks as the original. If he clones himself, he could make an entire army of himself from each clone duplicating themselves repeatedly- a technique known as Sad Man’s Parade.

However, the downside to this ability is that the more he uses his Quirk to make clones, the more the durability of the clones decreases, making them weaker and more susceptible to damage. This weakness puts him at a disadvantage against Hawks.

Hawks Vs. Twice

Also, Hawks is remarkably faster than Twice. This is seen in chapter 265 in a fight between them when Twice discovers that Hawks, his supposed new friend, betrayed him. Twice was shocked by the ease and speed with which Hawks destroyed his clones. Hawks’ feathers were faster than Twice’s ability to make more clones.

Points: Hawks (1:0) Twice


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Hawks vs. Twice: Intelligence

Hawks was trained as an undercover double agent since he was a child, teaching him to be cunning and manipulative. He was able to join the Paranormal Liberation Front and spy on them to get secret information for the Hero Public Safety Commission. It takes a high level of intelligence to pull that off, which he did successfully without blowing his cover.

Another case that shows his unmatched intelligence compared with Twice is when he was having a seemingly casual conversation with Endeavor. Yet, at the same time, he was effortlessly controlling many feathers with his mind at a far distance. This machiavellian strength and his keen awareness of his surroundings make him very formidable as a fighter, and if Twice were to face him on this ground, he would have no chance.

Points: Hawks (2:0) Twice

Hawks vs. Twice: Weapons

Hawks doesn’t particularly have specially dedicated weapons. However, he often uses his feathers as bladed weapons. He takes two long feathers from both wings, changes their nature, and uses them as swords to cut his enemies. He also shoots his feathers telekinetically as daggers, making him very dangerous.

Well, Twice’s also got something he uses as a weapon — his measuring tapes — which he carries in his red and green wristbands. He uses these measuring tapes for taking measurements for cloning and blades. They are proven very powerful, as he once used them to cut through a stack of ice in a fight against Shoto Todoroki.

Based on the skillfulness demonstrated by both characters in handling their weapons, we would put them in the same category, and at that, both characters get the point each.

Points: Hawks (3:1) Twice

Hawks vs. Twice: Fighting skills

Hawks is more or less powerless without his Quirk, as many of his capabilities are attached to the Fierce Wings. He is not so skilled when it comes to doing without them. Meanwhile, Twice gets the point here as he is very good at hand-to-hand combat, being a skilled acrobat with impressive speed and response time.

If the two did not use their Quirk abilities and engage in physical combat, I bet Twice wouldn’t think twice before beating Hawks.

Points: Hawks (3:2) Twice


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Hawks vs. Twice: Who wins?

Finally, we see that Hawks wins in a fight against the Doubles, thanks to Hawks’ speed. Twice wouldn’t just be able to match up against that insane speed.

Hawks has a weakness I didn’t mention: his Fierce Wings are easily damaged by fire, making him powerless before he grows new ones. He might have a chance if Twice can get the Fierce Wings damaged. Other than that, Hawks is the King!

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