‘Hazbin Hotel’ Review: A Daring Dive Into Animated Afterlife Antics

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‘Hazbin Hotel,’ created by Vivienne Medrano, marks a bold entry into the realm of adult animation, bringing a distinctively dark and whimsical vision of the afterlife. The show melds elements of dark humor with a lively, colorful animation style, drawing viewers into a reimagined world where the lines between redemption and eternal damnation blur intriguingly.

At the heart of the show is Charlie Morningstar, Hell’s princess with an unlikely dream of redemption for its denizens. She initiates the “Happy Hotel” as a refuge for sinners seeking Heaven. This complex mission is populated by characters like Vaggie, Charlie’s dedicated partner and hotel manager, and their first guest, the controversial Angel Dust. The storyline intensifies when Charlie’s broadcast for help unintentionally entices Alastor, the enigmatic Radio Demon, whose involvement is driven by amusement rather than altruism.

Regarding ‘Hazbin Hotel,’ my feelings are mixed. On one hand, the series boasts striking animation that breathes life into its unique setting. Each character is meticulously crafted, bringing an array of personalities and stories to the forefront. The standout element is undoubtedly the voice acting, which imbues each character with a distinct personality and depth, making them resonate with the audience.


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However, the series struggles in areas that are crucial for cohesive storytelling. The plot, though intriguing, often feels disjointed, making it difficult for viewers to fully immerse themselves in the narrative. The characters, while visually impressive and engaging, sometimes lack the narrative depth that would make them more relatable and their journeys more compelling. The show’s humor, a mix of edgy and offbeat jokes, can be hit or miss, depending on the viewer’s taste, and at times, this humor detracts from the more serious themes the series attempts to explore.

The pacing of the show is another area where it falters. Some episodes seem to race through critical developments, leaving little room for the plot to breathe and develop naturally. In contrast, other episodes dwell on scenes that contribute little to the overarching narrative, leading to a feeling of imbalance in the storytelling rhythm.

To sum up, ‘Hazbin Hotel’ is a show that shines in its artistic ambition and distinct style but is hampered by its narrative execution. It’s a series that tries to balance fan service with broader appeal, resulting in a product that might not resonate equally with all viewers. ‘Hazbin Hotel’ is a testament to creative vision and daring in the field of animation, but it ultimately falls short in delivering a fully satisfying narrative experience.

SCORE: 5/10

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