Here Is Why Boruto’s Rasengan Is Yellow!

Here Is Why Boruto's Rasengan Is Yellow!

In Boruto and Naruto, Rasengan is a rotating chakra ball formed and held in the user’s hand, known as a shinobi grip. The Rasengan was created by Minato Namikaze, based on the Orb of the Tailed Demons. He spent three years creating the Rasengan, which he considered to be the most successful in terms of shape modification. Since it’s an extremely powerful technique, a few Rasengan users can boast proficiency in it. It is usually blue, but in Boruto, we’ve seen that Boruto’s Rasengan is yellow, which confused fans. In this article, we are going to explain why that is.

The reason why Boruto’s Rasengan was seen to be yellow is simple – namely, Naruto’s original chakra is yellow-colored, and that was reflected in Rasengan’s color as well. Masashi Kishimoto himself officially confirmed this. The Rasengan only appears blue because people perceive pure chakra as being blue, but its original color is yellow.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss Boruto’s relationship with his Rasengan technique, one of the foremost techniques used in the whole series. The article will contain all the relevant information you need to know and the answers to questions that might trouble you about this topic.

Why is Boruto’s Rasengan yellow?

The Rasengan is an A-rank technique and is, therefore, extremely difficult. Yondaime Hokage invented this technique, and it took him three years to perfect it. Because this technique requires very good chakra control, very few have mastered the Rasengan. In fact, the Rasengan is/was only mastered by seven people. The Rasengan is a special technique because no finger signs are needed to create the Rasengan. In addition, once created, the Rasengan multiplies its power without the need to continue adding chakra. The “normal” Rasengan is in itself an incomplete technique.

Minato Namikaze had planned to use the Rasengan to maximize and combine both the power of the normal chakra and the power of the nature chakra. However, he could only do this with the normal chakra since he could not combine the two types of chakras. Rasengan means something like “spiral ball.” In Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles, the Rasengan is referred to as a “power strike” or “power punch.” Apparently, Minato Namikaze was inspired by Bijuu Dama for the Rasengan.


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To learn the Rasengan, you have to master three different levels. In the first stage, one learns the outpouring of chakra. The user must let his chakra flow out in such a way that it crisscrosses. Mastering this level requires controlling your chakra to the point where you can run up trees and walk on water. These two practices are the foundation for mastering the first level because they are based on the same principle. Jiraiya had Naruto train this stage using a water balloon, which Naruto was only supposed to burst by moving his chakra. He also did this after watching a cat play with that water balloon.

The second level is 100 times more difficult than the first level. This level is about power. To multiply the strength, the user must concentrate more chakra in the same space. Jiraiya made Naruto practice this by giving him a rubber ball to pop using his chakra. However, this requires a much higher concentration of chakra since the rubber ball is much harder than the water balloon.


The last stage probably sounds the easiest, but it is the most difficult. At this stage, it is important to combine both previously learned stages. The user has to shape the spinning chakra into a spherical shape in order to keep increasing the speed. This then happens automatically. In order to do this, you have to create a kind of film around the chakra. Jiraiya made Naruto train this by giving him a balloon. Naruto should fill the balloon with the two previously learned levels, but he must not burst or tremble.

Under Konohamaru’s teachings, Boruto managed to learn the Rasengan, demonstrating high chakra control, managing to release, concentrate, and shape it with one hand. Over time, the power of his Rasengan increased to the point of forming a large whirlwind upon impact with the target. Boruto developed an upgraded version of the Rasengan by unknowingly adding Lightning Release to it, known as the Vanishing Rasengan. This version can be thrown at a medium distance and disappear in mid-air.

His offensive capabilities vary, with his first use creating a sizable crater on the surface of a tree and subsequently managing to injure Momoshiki. Initially, the technique was small in size, but it would eventually gain the size of a standard Rasengan. Also, thanks to combining his chakra with his father’s chakra, Boruto was able to create a gigantic Rasengan. The power of the technique is overwhelming, as he was able to destroy a Tailed Beast Ball created by Momoshiki, destroy the stump of a God Tree, and completely eliminate the Ōtsutsuki.


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As for the color of the Rasengan, there have been inconsistencies in portraying it. While for the most time, in the whole series, the Rasengan was portrayed as being blue in color, but in Boruto, we saw that it was yellow and that Boruto summoned a yellow Rasengan, which confused fans. But there is a very simple explanation for all of this, and it is related to the original color of Naruto’s chakra.

Namely, Masashi Kishimoto officially confirmed, and that was seen in the manga, that the original color of Naruto’s chakra is yellow and not blue. Boruto would, of course, inherit that chakra and its color from his father. So, since the Rasengan is made out of pure chakra, it makes sense that it is yellow for Naruto and Boruto. So, why was it blue most of the time? Well, humans usually perceive pure chakra as being blue in color, which is why the Rasengan was portrayed as blue. However, it should have been yellow this whole time because it manifests Naruto’s chakra.

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